A breakthrough innovation of Christian Louboutin

From the brand

 Whether or not you are a fashion follower, definitely you have heard of the famous brand name Christian Louboutin (CL) from your friends, your relatives, or read from newspapers, social networks or watch news on TV. Mention of the name Christian Louboutin, people think of the red sole shoes which cost thousands of dollars. With a passion for designing shoe, Christian Louboutin has resolved to launch a product to honor women and fashion. Each pairs of his shoes, with distinctive red soles, is the dream of women worldwide, from the royal princess, TV stars, famous singers, the wealthy merchants to the office ladies.

Figure 1. Christian Louboutin with his shoe

To the sharp strategy

The fever of Christian Louboutin lipstick

 In August 2015, the king of red-soled shoes Christian Louboutin has launched the latest lipstick line. On the opening launch day, hundreds, even thousands of people had to queue long hours in line in front of the showroom to be purchased this luxurious and eye-catching lipstick.

(Video: Christian Louboutin lipstick launching appeared in TV show – Source: Youtube.com)

With the price  for 90 USD on a lipstick, Louboutin really made make-up fans startled because it is truthly expensive. While the famous Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick line costs  36-40 USD, Tom Ford – velvety lipstick is 52 USD or even Lancôme which owns the oldest lipstick products, only sells 30 USD for each lipstick.

Figure 2. Lipstick pricing comparison between luxury cosmestic brands

Then, Christian Louboutin who is only a “rookie” in the field of cosmetic, where did he take the confidence to launch a luxury product like this?

It can be said that, Christian Louboutin and his marketers went on the right track in attracting customers when approached to developing the new lipstick line.

– Innovative idea and strategy

Women around the world who are self-satisfied with available luxury lipstick lines but these products may soon be saturated by the same designs and colors. This makes customers have more choices, but also easy to make them boring.

Therefore, Christian Louboutin decided to make a breakthrough with superior luxury products, not only concerned about high quality products, but also implement “pricing strategy” aimed for the curious and the psychology “cheapest is dearest ” of customers  – who are in middle class and upper class, the majority clients in the beauty industry.

In addition, the reputation of CL’s red sole shoes have a great influence on the value of Christian Louboutin lipstick. Many people believe that Christian Louboutin lipstick must also have a power and a good quality like the Christian Louboutin shoes then they easy to accept the expensive price of it.

Figure 3. Christian Louboutin unveiled a luscious new lipstick line

– Glamour appearance

The main reason that makes girls infatuation this product is its appearance. The famous magazine Harpers Bazaar commented that:  “There’s nothing sexy about the word ‘products’ call them “objets d’art” on the other hand, and we must have them immediately” (Alexandra Tunell, 2015).

Figure 4. CL lipstick can be used as a jewel, inspired by Queen Nefertiti jewelry

The lipstick is designed sophisticatedly. Instead of using the old lip casing type boxes or cylindrical shape, the Christian Louboutin lipstick has walked a long way in confirming the brand when bringing the simulation of their red sole shoes into a charming lipstick. And the lipstick cap looks very powerful and luxurious with a tiara shape. Moreover, it is possible to use a ribbon threaded through the lid to turn a lipstick into a very attractive accessory, which inspired by the Egyptian Queen jewelry.

– Various choices

Christian Louboutin Lipstick Collection divided into 3 lines: Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile. The three formulas of lipstick each a have a distinctive package designed to help you identify the texture. With 36 colors in 38 shades of lipstick, customers can easily select a matching lipstick for their lips.

Figure 5. CL lipstick collection includes 36 difference tones from dark to light

– How about the quality?

Is there any difference between a $90 lipstick with a $52 lipstick? Of course, especially when it has a sleek and striking design, customers have the right to believe that the quality will certainly difference.

With many praises from famous beauty bloggers and fashionistas, Christian Louboutin has a good enough reason to make history with this lipstick line as well as to compete directly with the “big’’ brands in this industry.

And its effect

Only known for high-heel shoes, the CL brand is now ready to serve the other beauty needs of customers. It is undeniable a fact that, Christian Louboutin has successfully struck a chord with women customer. A good-looking lipstick from a luxury brand will make every woman immediately want to own it in order to express their connoisseurship in the make-up aspect and an understanding of fashion. The “crowd psychology’’ is also one thing that put the CL lipstick become a trend for trendy girls.

The CL lipstick line as a beginning for the ambition which will enhance revenues as well as the position of the Christian Louboutin brand name. It is considered as a challenge for those which are also in the high-end makeup brands as Chanel, Tom Ford, Lancôme and Dior.

If you have $90 in hand, will you be treating yourself to a Christian Louboutin Lipstick?



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