Tesla Model 3 (2016)

Tesla Motors has shaken up the automobile industry recently with the unveiling of the new Model 3 car. The funding for this car has come entirely from sales of its previous two electric cars, namely Model S and Model X.

As you know there is a great need for us to reduce greenhouse gases that are harming the environment. Global warming has been increasing rapidly over the past few years. (Hale, I et al 2014). Carbon dioxide is constantly being emitted through vehicles running on fuel.

Not to mention the amount of fossil fuels available to us is finite. With the ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels there is a very real possibility of them running out in the not too distant future.As such Teslas stance on creating high quality electronically powered cars can only be seen as one of the most important inventions of the 21st century.

I myself as a person who is a car owner was initially skeptical when Tesla first released the Model S and Model X in 2013 as people are in the pre-purchase stage. As a consumer I had the same fears as anyone with regard to electric cars. How much mileage would I get per charge? Would it be suitable for long trips? Would I end up stranded in the middle of nowhere? How many people could comfortably fit in a car? The most I’d ever seen is 2.

Model S & Model X (2015)

So the way Tesla have gone about dismissing these perceptions of electric cars being inferior to fuel powered cars has been fantastic. The Model S and X have a mile range up to 300 miles per full charge. The cars also have an in built touch screen which acts as the brain of the car. The audio systems, car doors, navigation system etc are all controlled through this touch screen that can also be used to surf the internet. I feel this gives consumers a truly futuristic experience(Colin Wood 2012)(Nauman Farooq 2015).

There is also an app that can be downloaded on your phone which allows you to monitor your car while it is charging. It would take around 20 minutes to charge and you are alerted immediately when it is finished charging. Speaking of charging, Tesla Motors have already set up 611 charger sites globally with 3,600 individual plugs. What’s better is that Tesla have confirmed that charge stations will always be free for Tesla car owners (Stephen Edelstein 2016, para 4). This shows that the post-purchase services of Tesla Motors is excellent. For a consumer like me, post-purchase services are extremely important and in this instance Tesla have truly shown that they are a world leader in this regard.

Tesla supercharger stations at Harris ranch, California (2013)

On the negative side however, these cars are expensive to own, with models ranging from $49,900 to $132,000. However, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors stated last week that the new Model 3 will be much more affordable with the price starting from $35,000.

I feel that Tesla Motors electric cars will change consumer’s perceptions regarding electric cars. This is proven by the fact that there are already more than 232,000 preorders for the Model 3 from around the world (Phil LebBeau 2016, para. 4). The car is expected to come out late next year. This will surely allow us not to be so dependent on fuel to power our cars and help protect our environment.

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  1. I do agree. The response that Tesla has received about model 3 is insane. It points towards the fact that a lot of people want to experience what Tesla is known for, but now at an affordable price. This is exactly what Tesla is aiming for.


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