Value & Identity of Brand Development for Business

“Branding adds spirit and a soul to what would otherwise be a robotic, automated, generic price-value proposition. If branding is ultimately about the creation of human meaning, it follows logically that it is the humans who must ultimately provide it.”
David A. Aaker (marketing specialist for brand strategy) on how brand works

“Brands rise and falls with the strength of its advertisement.”
Phillip Morris (legendary tobacconist, enough said!)

What does brand means?

It simply means a contract of trust between organization and its chains between:
-consumer and product
-seller and consumer
-supplier and investor
-producer and wholesaler
-consumer and consumer (society and country)

Elements that should be taken into consideration for brand development are publicity and public relations, besides the packaging factor itself.

What is brand?

It is a value-added for trade, either goods or services or it can be both. It can be a name, sign, pronunciation, identity overview, image and pattern of presentation.

What criteria that a brand should have to attract consumers?

A good and strong brand should have attitude and contribute to consumers, with universal nature.

How brand works?

Formula : Product Behavior + Brand = Recognition

-Product Behavior will represents “character”
-Brand will represents “trademark”
-Recognition will represents itself. *LOL!*


What brand should have for consumers?
-Attitude towards consumers: delicious, good, better, perfect, concerned, sincere, clean, holistic, smart and so forth.
-Contribution towards society: image, status, confidence, charisma, and loyalty

Where brand should be marketed?
We need to look at the bigger scopes like packaging, tagline, shopfront, brochure, pamphlet, uniform and interior space of the shop.

But the further concerns should be aware are public relations, advertisement and marketing strategy.

Where we can see factors above will be the sign of development of failure for brand development.

How to start a brand?

A good brand should be seen and pronounce in these criteria:
-easy to remember, simple but meaningful
-avoid using a very long name for a brand
-effective use of color, nice and catchy
-enough if it can be mentioned with 2 or 3 syllables

How to sustain brand development?

Sustainability of brand development should be with development of supportive elements and promotions. This is where company should produces variety of backup designs for flyers, brochures, pamphlets, posters, lamp-post banners, merchandising ad backdrops. At the same time company also should maintain public relations and publicity at the highest quality.

By: Aizat Sabtu (214360457)




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2 thoughts on “Value & Identity of Brand Development for Business

  1. Nice blog Aizat on brand development for bussiensses.
    The brand formula was really good and simple.
    Just a clarification please, what role does company employees play in your brand equation?
    I ask beacuse employees can play a major role in creating and sustaining a company’s brand in the hearts of their customers.
    Brand recognition strategy is about simplicity, consistency, uniqueness and repeatedness of key company message to target consumers. This message is about what the company does, what it offers and how unique they are in the market place. And employees can play a major role here.


    • Hi Jokaroh, (or Joker should be nice nickname for you, like what Novak Djokovic use for himself)

      I can see through your question like what you raised in your comment. Because I did not elaborate more about the role of employee. For the equation stated in the blog, product behavior and brand created by the company or organization. Which is in the element of organization itself there must be employer and employee(s). Its their role in creating product and brand, at the same time maintain it and keep the brand’s sustainability. I mentioned that in terms of company or organization so that both sides should work together to keep the brand alive. 😉


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