Marketing research “Nielsen”

Marketing research is an important part for develop the market. It use many different type of research method to analysis the market information, record, and systematically collect contemporary market situation. In addition, from those methodology can predict market demand and provide the positive market decision. Moreover, market research divide into five steps, first is find out the research objective and problem, second is prepare research plan, third is collect market data, forth is data analysis, fifth is present the report. Therefore, market research is the most difficult and the most important part to achieve.

Nielsen is an on-line company which is provide lots of consumer habits which are consist to more than one hundred countries data. Through the official website, they provide many different data, which they collect and analysis then conclude all the information to present to everyone. There is a short video to briefly introduce the Nielsen.

“Females are queens of clean, but men are sharing some of the load”

This is an interesting research that published on Nielsen. Wherever you want to have a comfortable place have to be neat and beautiful. The most comfortable and safety place is home, thus it is an important place for people to keep clean. Therefore, this article measure between females and males which do more on housework.


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Through the graph can found out the research is collected from five continent around the world, include Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa/Middle East region, Latin America, and North America. The result is present by three option, one is female head of household, the other is male head of household, and finally is both of male and female share the household responsibility. Through the result shows that really huge number of women are being household whether is clean or buy housework stuff in five continent. The second high result is both of women and men share the household responsibility. Finally, only one continent men head to household more than other four countries, and the most gentlemen continent is North America.

According to Nielsen publish this article, collect the data, and finally shows everyone this interesting information. In additionally, from the on-line article can find out the methodology they used. They follow 5 steps to make a research plan, first the objective is figure out who head to household around the world. Second, research plan is do an on-line surveys, and use quantitative approaches. Third, make it become relevant, thus they interviewed more than thirty thousand respondents, all of them are from sixty-one countries. Forth, organize all information and data. Fifth, put all information together and use graph or table to present the data. However, the last section of marketing research is the most difficult part. This is because have to use clear and systematically method to present. Therefore, Nielsen make a graph to present data, and wrote an article to introduce the purpose of this research.

Last of all, marketing research have to take a lot of time to complete, and have to brainstorm then make a research plan, and follow five steps:

First step: find out the research objective and problem.

Second: prepare research plan.

Third: collect market data.

Forth: data analysis.

Fifth: present the report.

After complete five steps and organize all the data, and find out the best method to narrate the report. Make it clear is the best presentation for reader.

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< >




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