Fashion Trend -Calvin Klein !

Calvin Klein is a brand include different kind of product. This brand name is same as it’s designer name CK. CK is a famous and popular brand all over the world. In 2014, the sales volume is becoming $8.1 billion. Calvin Klein’s target customer is from 14 to 50 years old fashion men and women. Calvin Klein can be described as sexy, simple, and modern, it had advertisement in 21 countries and it also published advertise on famous magazines such as Bazar and vogue (PVH 2016). Calvin Klein had unique design and different type of product in different segment. It is also use the successful brand strategy to fit the market and customer requirement  (PVH 2016).



Calvin Klein’s company had 48 years history, it was start at 1968 and start with women’s dresses and coats. Now Ck’s had include: Tops, paints, jeans, jackets, dresses, underwear, sunglasses, bag, suits, swim, home, children, shoes, perfume, luggage, jewelry, each part had different types product (IN 2015).

Calvin Klein’s brand logo is CK, this logo is easy for customer to recognize. The trademark is protect by legal and CK is the owner define of and CK’s product is appeared as simple style and it always use neutral color such as black, gray, white. It had slogan of “ Nothing comes between me and my Calvin’s”. In oder to advertise, CK had invite famous model such as Mark Wahlberg and Brooke Shields to involved ( BRANNON, A, CHIRICHELLA, B, SCHAFFEN, C & WITTERE, J 2010).


Why brand?

Identify the ownership, Ck trademark is easy to remember.
Ck do not related to specific product make customer have expect.
CK ’s reputation make customer make easier decision.
CK becoming the symbol of fashion mark.

CK brand’s style make people have loyalty, and persuade people to buy.
Some CK branch product had higher price than other normal product.
CK had had multiple target in different segment.

Brand association network
Customer describe CK as sexy, luxurious, minimal, classic, intimate, professional. This positive image can make customer have loyalty, believe CK have good quality ,unique fashion design and provide brave, sexy, delicacy product for them.

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Brand personality
Sincerely: CK product quality is reliable,.
Exciting: it provide the challenge product with imagination。
Ability: CK start from 1968, designer had 42 years experience, success experience make them reliable.
Taste: Some of the product is luxury and target person is who had good fashion taste.

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Band extension
CK brand start with women’ stress, but it had depth extension of underwear, Jeans, perfume and so on. It also had breadth extension, for instance, CK jeans include women and men jeans, polio shirts, and graphic T-shirt.

New product 

CK had produce new product named CK2. It had neutral perfume 21 years ago named CK1, so it is a new neutral perfume to connect with modern society (Naughton, J 2015). Secondly, the market potential is it is ground breaking CK1 more fit the modern young customer. Thirdly, the perfume design the top motes as mandarin and heart as rose, it had three size, 1 oz is $40, 1.70 is $55, 3.4oz is $75.It will testing sell at the retail counter around the world ( Naughton, J 2015).


CK still have some problems. For example, Their children’s wear is not popular. Children’s parents had impression of their sexy advertisement, so they think this is not fit their children, For this problem I think CK can invite the child star to endorses the clothes. Maintain the simple style but use more healthier and comfortable material to produce. Some advertisement can target the parents. They can provide different price children’s wear for different parents to meet their requirement. This is my opinion, what do you think?
By  SHUANGCHEN HU (214295999)
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