Marketing research is a unique process that is mostly done before launching a product into the market the research should be conducted in a systematical,analytical and relevant manner which are done by using the following steps

  • Identification of a problem
  • Designing the research study
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • Presenting the report

PepsiCo is one of the leading carbonated soft drink manufacturer,Pepsi Blue is one of beverage that comes from PepsiCo. In India Pepsi Blue was introduced into the market before few months of Cricket world cup 2003, a lot of advertising is done but it remained as a disaster in the market

Pepsi_BluePepsi_Blue (1)

Then a post marketing research has been done on this disaster,the research covers all the aspects regarding the marketing of soft drinks in the market.

Research objective is taken as follows which soft drinks does the consumer prefers,why they prefer that drink,how often they drink in a week,does they know about pepsi blue have they tired it,if so have they liked the pepsi blue.? taste difference between normal pepsi and pepsi blue, does color of the drink effect its marketing. The data is gathered by conducting surveys both online and offline,the online survey covers large group of people are high in number as it is faster and easy so the number of respondents participated  is also high and a manual random survey is conducted among the youngsters regarding this aspect . The data from surveys is analysed and the results are quite opposite what PespiCo  expected in the market .


Reports from the survey stated that coke is the most lovable soft drink and coca-cola occupies a major share in the market of the soft drinks,and their various other things came into notice from the research objectives that people don’t find any occasion to buy the cold drinks it has also revealed   they are well known about the pepsi blue but majority of the people didn’t like Pepsi blue from analysis of data it also stated that for majority of  people color of the drink matters and for many people the color of pepsi blue reflected the color of Kerosene.So,here the main asset to reject the drink is the color because the color is same as Kerosene more over packaging of the drink also plays a important role in its sale and promotion and from the findings it is clearly noticed that the availability of pepsi blue is confined to urban areas only, it failed to avail at rural areas and even the advertisement is not done properly in the rural areas moreover color is a sensitive matter changing it suddenly and drastically reflects the sales of the product .From the data it is clearly evident that Pepsi blue failed in the market and the reasons are detailed but the main and pinpoint reasons for its failure is lake of proper advertisement,here the advertisement is confined only to sports channels if proper advertisement is done on the all channels of television the result should be somewhat better and the second most reason for its failure is its color which is awkward and have similarity of color of kerosene.

From the above marketing research one can conclude that before launching a product into market, proper marketing researching should be conducted by taking various factors into consideration and more over the product should be made well known to all by making good advertisement on televisions,social media and many more ways by which it gets close to the public,One have to created a positive opinion on the product before it is making its way into the market.



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Article on  :- 7 stages or steps Involved in Marketing Research process by Smriti Chand

Article on :-Marketing Research procedure by Manoj Sharma



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