Marketing Research Players

The marketing ideology which was said to have begun in the year 1930s has since produced several concept that includes marketing strategy and research (1980) (Tadajewski and Jones 2014). Marketing has been described as a broad research field with many subject area (Eisend 2015). Marketing has been said to be the management of subjectivity stressing the practices in the United States where companies mold consumers as buyers of packaged food instead of as producers themselves (Tadajewski and Jones 2014). Contemporary marketing has matured into a field that is able to measure and explain real-world phenomena (Eisend 2015).



.pic marketing research


Marketing research as a diagnostic mechanism is focused increasingly on the ways and manner by which firms marketing adds to outcome performance (Katsikeas et al 2015). Literature confirms that there is no fixed conceptual way to carrying out marketing research (Katsikeas et al 2015). Market research practices differs as we move from industry to industry and from country to country (Tadajewski and Jones 2014). Consumer information and insights is given a resource based view. It is believed that marketing decisions should be based on facts.

Researching is basically the science of finding out facts and information. First findings have low explanatory power but additional findings will increase power until a factual point is reached (Eisend 2015). With interesting achievement in the field of marketing research, it is believed that more prospects lies ahead.  With widespread knowledge and advancement in the field of marketing research, a study by (Katsikeas et al 2015) has revealed that under-researched areas in the sector that could offer future prospects include brand equity, customer relationship and cost and risk related aspects (Katsikeas et al 2015).


The Big Players

With marketing becoming a very big venture in the area of commercial and organizational existence, it is not uncommon for companies to outsource their marketing initiatives to more competent and specialized companies. A marketing research website (Greenbook) has ranked Brainjuicer, visioncritical and Ipsos as the most innovative research companies of the year 2014 out of 991 companies. This research companies can take on marketing enquiries and tasks on behalf of their clients.



pic vivioncriticalVisioncritical was a top 3 marketing research company in the year 2014.Visioncritical works with clients by helping companies understand their customers. They boast of best practices on how customer intelligence can drive ads, campaigns and the totality of all marketing strategies. They analyze marketing approaches of clients so as to infuse customer intelligence insights. With branches all over the world, this shows that the business of commercial research is not a child’s play.


Ipsos Maketing


While companies are outsourcing their marketing research activities, Ipsos offers the helping hand. They have a moto that is centered on the ideology that customers’ attributes are changing. They analyze and support brand image innovation. They provide tactical information about the clients market that they work for with the aim of transforming insights into competitive advantage. Aside from advertisement, a whole lot is involved in the act of marketing. Ipsos is an old hand in the sector.




The company tops the list of marketing research companies with innovations in the year 2014 survey. With a mission to inspire brave clients to great marketing, their success is linked to their unprecedented focus on psychology, behavioral, economical and social science as tool to predicting people’s behavior. The best and the most innovative hand in the field knows what organizations need to do to meet the needs of customers. Understanding, simplifying and predicting the behavior of customers has not been better achieved than this top marketing research company that is improving profitability for companies.





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