How to sell a drone?

In this day and age, when new products are becoming part of everyday households, it is time to embrace the unmanned aerial vehicle as a product of today instead of tomorrow.

The invention of the drone was nothing short of a revolution in the world of technology. The device, otherwise referred as ‘UAV’ or unmanned aerial vehicle, quickly demonstrated how vast its usefulness could be.

Most consumers first heard of the drone through its influx in modern warfare. The drone’s usage in the war against terror was fascinating at first, but it soon became a valid idea, to be at one end of the world and striking a strategic target at the other end.

The United States army did not show hesitance in deploying drones in regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. These were monitored from thousands of miles away.

However, the drone soon proved that it was not engineered only to be used in battle. It was soon to become a retail product, available to a vast number of consumers.

Marketers have been accredited with making brands out of the simplest of things i.e. water, however, was it possible to make a brand out of a product which was recently considered as a technological marvel?

The answer is yes, not only did marketers make the unmanned aerial vehicle a brand, it also became a sensation across internet. The drone was no longer a commodity for high-end companies or the military, it was made affordable for the average consumer.

To the buyers, it was a product with a number of uses. It was useful for recording events of all sort, to record the weather, to aid with agriculture, making movies, observing landscape and topography etc. It could be purchased with a click of the mouse. As soon as the drone became available, online purchases started pouring in. was quick to pounce on the opportunity and became the front runner in delivering the product to its customers. With Google becoming a competitor, interesting things could happen in the market for the aerial device. Both companies have influence over internet users all over the world.

This only means better things in terms of market research for the drone. All the secondary data related to the product is available online. The internet has been catalyst in promoting the unmanned aerial vehicle as a commodity. The companies selling the product have used the web to develop a clientele.

The market for this product is said to grow and go up to 1.27 Billion by the year 2020. (Drones and… Market Research?)

According to, the companies reported to be competing for the product are DJI systems, Yamaha, Go Pro and AeroVironment amongst others. The total number of market leaders selling the drone exceed ten. There are 20+ participant companies as well, that shows the product’s ability to attract investment with ease.

Accessing these companies for online purchase is sufficiently convenient. This has been another factor in the rapid growth of the market. The idea of promoting the drone through the internet has proved to be a fruitful one.

Marketers of the product reached out to the target market online, and most of the marketing activity has been through social media. In addition to this, TV advertisement, Magazines and documentaries have also played a vital role in making the drone a hit.

It can surely be deduced that the drone is a product that is here to stay. Soon, the ways it is used will expand and it is a device that can prove to be instrumental in several ways.




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