Gillette innovates a new razor for women via market research

Gillette is one of famous the men’s safety razor company in the world, which was founded 1901 in U.S. In 1917, the Gillette market share had reached 80% in the American market. This situation laid its leadership position in the field of razor. Its productions are including the blades, razors and shaving preparations.

With the change of the times, some females begin to require wet-shaving products and hair epilating (hair removal) devices. According to the research, the females began to shave their leg in 1915. Today, they require the devices which can help hers to hair removal and do not harmful their skin. This phenomenon means the Gillette company may have the potential customers and opportunities in the market. However, how to transform these potential customers and opportunities to the profits is a significant problem for this company.

The best way to solve this problem is that the Gillette should do an in-depth market research for design a new product for the women. In order to design a wonderful product, the Gillette company set up a series of market research to help the company make a right decision when it designed a new product.

To begin with, the Gillette focused on the groups and survey research to test their new product for female. The company introduced the six females shaving products for some women. Then, the company set some relevant questions to expect the user giving their feedback. The Gillette might set the questions as follows.

  1. What is your email address?
  2. What is your age?
  3. 18-25 ·26-35  ·35-40  ·Over 40
  1. Have you ever use the razor to do the hair epilating?
  • Yes ·No
  1. Do you expect a hair epilating device which it designs for female?
  • Yes ·No
  1. What is the most important feature in this device?
  2. What do you think we should modify the testing device?

The Gillette company can obtain the primary data via the questionnaire feedback. The company may depend on the sample data to estimate the market share in the further. The estimation may not be completely accuracy but the data may give the Gillette manage layer a basic guide and help their make a decision. Moreover, the question setting should as simple as possible. This is because the simple question may help the company to acquire a more accuracy answer. The survey may help the Gillette company to do the quantitative research.

On the other hand, the Gillette company collected the secondary data via the Internet. The secondary data would help the Gillette understand their performance and some competitor information. The advantage of secondary data is lower cost than primary data and some useful data is easy to get.

The Gillette created a new product though the market research which is called Gillette Venus. This brand production’s is only use to female users. Today, the Gillette Venus occupies more than 50% market share in the women’s razor market. The retail sales the women’s razor and blades reached the 2.5 billion in 2013. The Gillette Venus obtains a great success.

In conclusion, the new product should do the necessary market research before it entry the market. The primary and secondary data may help the company make a decision when it intends to develop a new product.

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