Breakfast to a Healthy Snack

Ever Wondered 100 Years of family breakfast on the table we have been eating come from one house, Kellogg`s. Well all the cereals for children’s, energy bars for the adults and the special K`s for the household women and the ladies.

Let’s talk about this breakfast which has been in our plates so long and how Kellogg’s managed branding the product with its marketing mix of segmentation, Targeting and positing the product.


Basically in this area we analyse who are the potentials to look for. One of the best way that Kellogg’s have adopted for the segmentation is the Geo-Demographic segmentation method, as this process covers all the criteria from regional areas to age, gender and income based criteria’s.

Kellogg’s always took health as priority and to meet the needs of all people they have introduced the Gluten free cereals and to attract children’s always came up with innovative innovations like the Disney super hero`s cereal.

Disney  CERAL                                                                             Gluten free CERAL




A product once launched has to be made successful. Kellogg’s for meeting these needs have followed only single motto to stay fit & healthy. They followed the differentiated targeting strategy and introduced the All-Brain cereals and whole meat cereals.

To make the products go successful the best strategy was Choco, fruit loops, rice krispies bars




This is a crucial stage where any company has to position its product i.e., making the product unique to everyone which grabs attention of customers and overcome the competitors.

Kellogg’s has out smarted all its competitors by introducing its breakfast bars, this approach has increased the sales of  the product as estimated 5 out of 10 individuals miss they breakfast and a carry away bar which gives you all the fibre and energy you can get from a regular breakfast.  Products like Special K has grabbed household attention who want to manage their weight and people started having it as a quick meal twice a day.







Chocos has repositioned has one of the nutritional snacks for kids by replacing all the junk food.


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