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Segmentation Targeting and Positioning is a part of marketing strategies, which is used by multinational corporations, business or any other firm to sell out their home products to their customers. Let’s take an example of a company such as Apple, which occupies a large share in today’s gadget and tech market and has bagged the position of one of the most renowned and trusted brands in the world. It also captures the market through segmentation by bringing different products in the worldwide market.

One of the very effective segmentation methods adopted, would be taking a strong consideration of-characteristics of customers. The company keeps in mind its target public and the development of its products depends on their interests and benefits, which gives rise to two different divisions in itself. The most actively used and purchased is the professional range, like:

  • MacBook Pro,
  • iMac,
  • iPhones
  • iPencils

The second division, which is definitely holding its economic importance in the market today, would be its products for its another target audience- Teenagers. They have released several products which have definitely become a craze, not just amongst teenagers but also the tiny tots around them. Products like:

  • iPods
  • iPhones
  • iPads

Apple has been keeping up with its sales and has maintained its market hold by constantly introducing innovations in its base models (third segmentation method), adding more style yet maintaining its classic rich look in anything new it comes up with.

Its third segmentation category, systematic- product related behaviors. Apple products are easy to buy, because of their availability on both virtual and real world markets i.e. ecommerce platforms and brick and mortar stores.

Geographical segmentation has also been their prime focus. We find Apple stores in all populated cities around the globe, with online presence of its official website in 88 countries. The segmentation decisions taken are based on particular criteria, which involves:

  • segmentation size
  • growth of segment
  • current co-position within segment
  • ease of entry into segment
  • number and strength of competitors


The end of the process of segmentation marks the onset of ‘Market Targeting’. Whereas apple has set a target of profitability, their prices are always higher as compared to other renowned competitors in the market. Yet they haven’t ever thought on cutting down the prices.

The ultimate goal or target of the company is to maintain its brand name, by strictly maintaining its quality. Apple has been successfully offering the best computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumer through out the world. The role of positioning is:

  • Strategic & technological vision Positioning
  • Product Development
  • Messaging


Associations that are not unique to the brand they are shared with other brands Category pops: association consumer views as necessary to be considered credible Example, grocery store must have certain products (ex-milk /eggs etc. Competitive pops: association designed to negate competitors point of difference –all toothpaste prevent cavities and Points of parity (pop). The Points of difference are listed below:

  • Strongly favorable, unique brand association
  • Similar to notion of USP- (unique selling proposition)
  • SCA-sustainable competitive advantage (achieve an advantage in the marketplace for a prolonged period of time).


Apple has several worldwide competitors like Samsung, Microsoft, Google and LG. Samsung in particular is the strongest competitor of the company, trying to stay in competition and proving an edge over the brand by introducing new models with minor technological and designer changes. Yet apple has made a profound imprint and maintained its supremacy in the tech market because of its major technological advancements and unique marketing and management strategies.


Apple is an exceptional example of an organization providing excellent segmentation, targeting and positioning models, which are effective for marketing.



Anand, D. (2015). STP(segmentation ,targeting& positioning ) of Apple .. [online] Slideshare.net. Available at: http://www.slideshare.net/deepanshua/stpsegmentation-targeting-positioning-of-apple [Accessed 11 Apr. 2016].


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  1. I think you should focus on why Apple make the different, how they target on customer… For example, they provide discount for student. You need to fix the thumbnail image cause it’s not good quality and include some attract picture


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