The Ultimate Driving Machines ……. Is It Worth It?



When did you last time experience an adrenaline rush while you were behind the wheels? Have you tried ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’…. BMW? One of the top ranked world leader in design and manufacturer of technically advanced, refined engines.

BMW is renowned for its cars which are high tech, combined with speed and outstanding handling ability. It offers luxury and comfort ability, coupled with exquisite styling. They have dominated European sport cars and luxury sector even after having strong competition from rivals and Japanese car producer’s in this lucrative sector. They have won world car of the year awards for their models.

The market segmentation recognizes and differentiate customers on the basis of wide range which includes their needs and desires, benefits they expect from product and different characteristics they possess. To accomplish this different approaches are followed. Demographic approach, psychological approach, socio – economic approach to name a few.

           Everyone is not your customer.

BMW uses depth strategy for market segmentation which helps to understand buying characteristics. The group mostly focuses on customers situated in upper middle class and above in financial backgrounds. Geographically BMW has more market in north America and Europe where economy is more developed and industrialized. Customers from this area can actually afford to buy luxurious cars from BMW. However, in this segment BMW is more focused on the age group from 30 – 50 years old. This group has some success in their monetary level and they are looking to build up their image, and modern look. The benefits this people expect from BMW is style, luxury, performance and quality.


Can you guess why BMW uses distinguished strategy to target specific market? They always concentrate in premium sector including sports convertibles. They are more concerned about keeping you in the fold and making sure that there is something there for each of your life stages.

If they start producing more models with lowering starting prices they will start losing brand image carried for the last few decades.

“There is one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct and offer superior offering to that market.”

BMW_m_performance_landing_03 Luxury_0007_Interieur_01

BMW positioned itself in automobile industry as performance output with an ultimate driving experience. BMW competes with other big brands in similar luxury sector but all of them position themselves differently. Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Lexus etc all have differentiated strategies. Mercedes positions itself as reliable and luxurious while Audi as stylish.

So, in this competitive world to position successfully, BMW needs that performance and driving factor to attract customers and build loyalty amongst them. This differentiation factor leads to continuing sales growth in last few years for BMW.   Also, according to BMW blog, BMW Group achieves record global sales for the fifth consecutive year (Boeriu, 2016).

Innovation, investment in research and development and continuous refinement in engines help BMW to satisfy customers. They released more refine models than all their rivals giving them edge over others. This strategy helped BMW achieve and continue their mission which is

“The BMW brand stands for one thing: sheer driving pleasure. Sporting and dynamic performance combined with superb design and exclusive quality.”

(BMW Group Annual Report, 2015)


Increase in sales and profit, growing market share for luxury market and increasing brand value suggests that BMW is growing rapidly. However, they should be careful not to go in mass market with lowering prices which will impact their brand image.

Looking at the above information I certainly think that highly advanced, refined and finally tuned engines which delivers high performance output with outstanding handling really gives ultimate driving experience.

The Ultimate Driving Machines really worth it.

What do you think?


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