Hero motar corporation is the worlds largest two wheeler company.Hero in collabartion with japanese company honda formed the HeroHonda company in the year 1984 from the year of its formation it has became the leader in the field of the two wheelers but however,the two companies broke their bonds in the year 2013 and separated as Hero and Honda



Till mid 1980’s their is no two wheeler with Eco friendly and non polluting noms but this satement is changed in 1984 by introduction of a two wheeler by the company Hero Honda.If a company want to succed they should identify, meet the needs of certain kinds of customer but not all the customers [clifford,1985]. This srategey is well followed by the hero motar cooperation and brought different types of two wheelers into the market for example by keeping the youth in mind they brought KARZIMA & HUNK  which have high pickup  and more engine capacity that exceeds 200 C.C this come under premiumcost range of they are some what costly when compare to other models


for women, girls & for old age people they made they way in market by introducing Pleasure&Mastero which enlarged the market of Gearless two wheelers which have a engine capacity of 110 Cc


For comman man and middle class people who need fuel effiency they introduced their models Slpendor and Passion which are fuel efficient and cost efficient which come under economy class and have a engine capcity of 110 Cc which had brought a revoultion in the two wheeler segement and the market of Hero went up rightwith out downfall for more than 10 years in row.However now a total number of 20 million hero two wheelers on Indian roads the number is increasing year by year


The above tabel clearly shows that they occupy 43% percentage of the two wheelers on the whole



Every product or company have pros and cons in the same way the Hero motar corporation went the same. Firstly, hero company had made modifications of older models and introduced new models into the market  like Hero IMPULSE and Hero IGNITE this models gained a huge negative public talk about the performance, customer satisfaction and price in market and the other reason for the fall of market is breaking collabartion with its technology patner Honda but soonly Hero made a necessary preventive measures to bounce back in the market they updated their technology and made changes in their economy  model vehicles like Splendor and Passion to Splendor pro and Passion pro respectively this remarkable changes took the hero motar corp to the previous respect in the market.


Marketing programme covers all the elements of a product,more over in order to get succeed in the marketing field the product should meet the wants and needs of targeted group of customers but Hero motar corporation have a good brand value and customer loyalty and cost efficient models so,their postion in the market will remained as such its position will not be replaced by any other company.


No matter what the product may be but once it gained a good name in the market replacement for the product will be not possible for certain period of time,So it is necessary to maintain a health realtionship with customer service in order to achieve a good results in the longterm


  1. International Journal of Retail and Distribution management vol 19 No 3 1991 pp. 4-10
  2. Clifford, D.k. and Cavanagh, R.e., The winning performance, how Americans high growth companies succed, Bantam books, Newyork 1985



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