Donald trump has been a real estate developer, a reality TV star and a best selling author. Donald trump considered a presidential run in 1988 as a republican but then backed off. Trump joined the reform party in 1996 with a slogan The America we deserve(The New York Times,2000). In the year 2004 trump was spotted supporting the democratic group and donating a large amount of money to the campaign head by Hillary Clinton. Trump rejoined the republicans in 2009 and lead the polls for the presidential candidate of 2012 elections. 

Trump_with_supporters_in_Iowa,_January_2016_(2).jpgMake America Great Again

The Trump future of America

Trump started his presidential run for 2016 with the slogan ‘lets make America great again'(the New York Times,2016), vowing to increase the economic strength and military power.

  1. Build a wall along the southern border and male Mexico pay for it.
  2. A socialist universal healthcare – universal healthcare for every American Citizen.
  3. Total and complete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States.
  4. Refuse to accept the Syrian refugees.
  5. Fight ISIS in Iraq.
  6. Impose tax on Chinese imports of 45%.
  7. To stop the offshoring of American jobs.
  8. Considering the U.S national debt and it’s position in the world.
  9. Cancel the visas of illegal immigrants.


China and Mexico are one of the biggest traders with America and after the Trump policies it could change a lot globally. China is third largest importer and the largest exporter to America and imposing tax on the import of Chinese product would change the world globally(USA Today,2016). Forcing Ford motors to stop constructing their plant in Mexico or face a 35% import tax on the cars instead would lead to spoil relations with Mexico and ending the concept of free trade would lead to spoil the relations with North America and Canada as well(theguardian,2016).

Trump making his way

Donald Trump has targeted the jobless, frustrated, angry and ambitious people in his campaign for the presidential run(theguardian). Trump has claimed to bring back the jobs, and get the economy going at 6% GDP. He has targeted the families of the defense personnel to negotiate the release of the Iran war soldiers. Targeting people on the name of religion- by not granting visas to the Muslims and bringing down some mosques. By supporting Women and taking care of them. Eliminating birth right citizenship and giving the natives chance to accelerate. Choose the Judges on the basis of their education. Stop sending money to space exploration and spend on the people instead. Spend huge amount to strengthen the military and fight ISIS in collaboration with Russia(the New York Times).

Trump has targeted every class of the economy and every gender and age group in a unique way. He has positioned himself in a way where he is concerned and aware of all the domestic issues as well as the problems faced by the country globally even if he is ignorant of the fact that his policies can boost the economy but lead them in spoiling their relations with their neighboring countries(theguardian).

Trump has positioned himself to target the native Americans and the people who could gain a lot from the growth of their country. There are businessman’s, military families, jobless and hopeful people supporting him seeking a better future and becoming a world power again. Donald Trump has been criticized by the world leaders over his campaign and have been ridiculed by a lot of his own people(theguardian).

Trump has been the front runner and leads by 4% votes and has won the New Hampshire elections by getting 35% people to vote for him.(The New York Times)


Donald Trump care about growth and he is going to bring a refreshing change that could get the country going again.(Calomiris,theguardian)




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