The market of Fast food restaurant McDonald’s


Mcdonalds-90s-logo.svgIn 1971, the first eatery of McDonald’s in a Sydney suburb. Today there are more than 900 McDonald’s crosswise over Australia and we utilize around 90,000 individuals over our eateries and administration workplaces. Within the time go through there are more than one million customer coming every day, and they create their own style to operate the restaurant.

The marketing strategy: STP strategic.

According to Sais and Aimin (2016) indicated that the characterized of marketing strategy must settle on choices about what the targets and needs of the firms, and interpret these targets and vision of advertising related objective criteria, and set and well-spoken the coveted accomplishment levels on every objective. In addition, STP strategic is one of marketing strategy separate into three parts which include segmenting, Targeting and positioning. This marketing strategy is for company to figure out where is the best market for them to set the stores and have deep analysis method to expend the customers.


McDonald’s have been indicated the segment, target and position, which is the strategy of marketing to expending market.

Macca’s style: <>


Nowadays fast food is becoming a convenient choice for people to select. In recent year, there is a report shows that Australia is relied upon to spend more than $37 billion on takeaway food, making us the eleventh greatest spending fast food country on earth (, 2011). McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food company in the world, they provide few type of way for customer to order, also restaurant usually set in the city or with lots of parking for customer. In addition, though the new generation lots of people are busy in their life, therefore they provide a drive – thru way to approach customer’s life style, so customer do not need to get out of the car, can easily to get the delicious food.

As time goes by, McDonald’s are aim to give customers have the fast and quick service in their order, and give customers a comfortable place to enjoy the food.


Comparing to all the other different fast food restaurant, such as Hungry Jack, KFC…etc. Hungry Jack and KFC, they do have meal in a set and family set, but they do not provide kids happy meal with toys and do not provide self-order machine to create own taste.

For instance, in McDonald’s have self-order machines for customer to make their own burgers, also can safe time no need to wait in line to order.




Since 1971, McDonald’s has been land in Australia for 40 years, and through the research found out over 55% people know McDonald’s have a short nickname is “ Macca’s ”(AFP,2013). Only Australia has this nickname, even though Australian will change the normal sign McDonald’s to Macca’s to celebrate on Australia day.

Through this special and unique nickname make customer remember. In addition, McDonald’s reflect to the Australian community, they like this shorten nickname is fun and humorous.

What are McDonald’s give customer?

Maccaa’s give customer the best, fast and quick service, also polite and moral attitude.

Drive-thru service and self-order system for customer, safe their time and make their own taste.

Provide happy kids meal with toys for children to collect different kinds of toys.


AFP, 2013, “McDonald’s to become Macca’s in Australia”, ninemsn, retrieved 10 April 2016,<>

Create your taste:


McDonald’s official website:


Nashwan Mohammed Abdullah Saif  & Wang Aimin, 2016 “Exploring the Value and Process of Marketing Strategy: Review of Literature.”, volume 2, Issue 2, January 2016, Pages 7 – 18, retrieved 10 April 2016, <>,2011,” Australia becomes fast food nation and moves to 11th position for spending on takeaway”, News, retrieved 10 April 2016, <>


Macca’s style:

 Kids meal:

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