Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Endorsement deal


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This looks like a good strategy for opening wider markets for the Calvin Klein underwear especially on the younger generation segment. With his fame spread across around the world mostly to the young people it was well advised for Calvin Klein to use him in order to reach a certain niche. As stated by Hanlon in her article, segmentation requires identifying a target group together with their tendencies. Most young people love being associated with celebrities hence will often buy the brands associated with certain celebrities.

A market segment refers to a group of people who possesses either one or two features that lead to them having the same product needs (USC Marshall, 2016). Calvin Klein has been praised for making use of the market segmentation and it has successfully done this through utilizing their customer’s needs with the main aim of building long lasting relationships with its customers as well as attracting new customers . By taking the needs of the customers into consideration, they are able to get the various opportunities of how to exactly place and position their products in different target markets.

Calvin Klein has been successful in marketing the undergarments in various target markets by convincing the customers about the underwear’s good quality (O’Reilly, 2015). All over the world, a number of companies are making use of celebrity endorsements in order to market their products and boost sales. By using Justin Bieber to endorse this product, the company is targeting the teenage girls who get fascinated by both the celebrity’s tattos and masculine body. The advertisement therefore suggests that it is mainly aimed at attracting young girls who are interested in making their boyfriends appear just like Justin Bieber once they wear the underwear. Forbes declared Justin Bieber as one of the overexposed celebrities and due to this fact, marketing of the Calvin Klein’s underwear using him would be one of the best strategies.

Using Justin Bieber at this time in his career is quite effective because his immeasurable popularity has targeted a number of customers. The celebrity is also known for endorsing products like bags, dolls and acne cream. Most of these marketing strategies however do not escape criticisms depending on the celebrity they are using (Emmrich, 2015). Justin Bieber is well known for his frequent public misconduct and these may make some people refute the purchase of the product. However , Justin Bieber defends himself  by saying that for many years now, he has been one of the biggest fans of Calvin Klein because the low- rise jeans always exposes the logo of the underwear and the attributes the positioning of the product due to this fact.

It is therefore important to have in minding that the positioning of the Justin Bieber to get many fans will depend on how wide the target market is in order to attract the different types of consumer segments. Subsequently, it has come into the limelight that celebrity endorsement is a key factor in positioning products in the market and this does not depend on whether a celebrity has a good reputation or not.  Most critics however put it that despite the influential power of using celebrities to market products. They should as well be so keen in who they use as endorsers.

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Segmentation Targeting Positioning —- Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Endorsement deal

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