One of Coca Cola most well known global brand names Fanta has become the key focus for the company, after its South Pacific division came up with its latest campaign designed to target teenagers and mothers in 2016. For the campaign to be successful, Fanta designed new market growth opportunities as well as continuing it successful strategy from 2015. The strategy mainly targets teenagers through social activities and inspiring to embrace there playful side and to stress less. Mothers are also one the target because they are a decision maker to purchase the product. It is believed that if we look at teenager activities, as an engine of social improvement by playing then becomes more socially intellect, more empathetic and more compassionate. According to Jonathan Mildenhall Coca Cola’s global advertising strategist. He believes that “Families who play together share a stronger bond. Corporate teams who play together are more productive and less political. And when nations play together, they become more diverse and inclusive. Fanta wants to shine a light on the benefits of play in the same way Coca-Cola shines a light on the benefits of happiness”.


Fanta’s segmentation relies on several aspects:



Fanta focuses on the segment of young adults 15-17 years old and mothers.
Psychographic: Teenager who are willing to join a community and who seek for social recognition through the consumption of the beverage.

With so many teens using their computers and smartphone. Fanta has maintained an active through social media by offering on Facebook and Instagram presence. As well as TV, cinema, radio, point of sale, outdoors advertising to encourage its target audiences and in-store presence. The campaign including Play packs, which described as a selfle-inspiring option are designed to help teenagers to post their image on social media; It is also promoting the hashtag #BemoreFanta. Also, Fanta tapping the commercial on YouTube with 30- second clip shows three sub-heading read ‘Be More Bonkers’, ‘Be More Prankster’, ‘Be More Colorful’. Fanta also launched the similar campaign in France, which reached 6.5 million teens in the first two weeks. Multitude of various advertising idea and designs to capture various targets in the market.

Here’s the 30-second clip

Back in 2015, Fanta has been satisfied with their fun campaign by using social media channel with the right forms of engagement with the brand. The Fanta campaign utilized the Hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, which help to create Buzz and their community that.

Did anyone remember the Fanta photo booth last year?


The campaign used the socially driven instant printing technology to deliver a playful and rewarding massage through passes to snap a selfie against the bubbly backdrop to share their image on Instagram via #FantaTesteslike. This advertising has shown that how Fanta’s brand builds their brand awareness as a playful brand and get the consumer to engage online using the hashtag.

Fanta is the perfect name that reached the right-targeted segment and relevant brand message to the target audience, which makes the brand successful and continuing growth in the market. Fanta brand manager says that, “the be more Fanta campaign is at the forefront of company strategy to bring more play into the world, Fanta also has proven track record of success, having delivered significant growth since 2009 and is continuing to flourish, something we expect to build on in 2016”.


By: Auchara Chuamuangphan ID: 213581898


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