The Fishy rule-books of Marketing Mix!

(Hungry Jacks, 2016)

Last week, after watching this advertisement by Hungry Jacks I was delighted by the fact that there are no added hormones in their beef burgers, actually, anyone would be delighted who eats burgers day and night in their uni or work life. Then after few seconds, I scroll down my screen and saw the comments below the video. One comment clearly mentions that they were bragging something which they should have been doing lawfully.

Now that I have done quite a lot of research on the Marketing Mix and the strategies marketing people follow to capture the market it’s easy for me to understand where this advertisement was coming from.

Segmentation – Identifying the different consumers with their different needs

At first, Hungry Jacks worked on the segmentation part of the marketing mix and understood the different group of a market that it wanted to target on. Hungry Jacks all over Australia has a wide range of customers from kids to oldies who enjoy having their beef burgers at a reasonable price. So, that gave Hungry Jacks a bigger market to work on as burgers are a quick meal which most of the market segment tries. (Perner, 1999)



Targeting – Choosing one segment from the whole market to focus on

Hungry Jacks played smart in deciding the target market and identified beef burgers as the area they wanted to focus on the majority of the Australian population is a beef burger consumer. Though beef burgers are well served by other competitors like Mc Donald’s in the market but the fact that people are health conscious in today’s time Hungry Jacks worked well in identifying the way in which it could re-position its product in the market. (Perner, 1999)

Positioning- Implementing the ways to approach the targeted market

Hungry Jacks used a very powerful and influencing tagline to reposition and launch its product in the market. They were aware that beef burgers are already being consumed by the younger generation as they are not too conscious about the product depth but more concerned with the pricing. But, with this launch as the tagline said “No added Hormones” the older consumer market was also targeted and influenced. This lead to consumers being more aware of what they were eating and made them choose Hungry Jacks for beef burgers. (Perner, 1999)


Now, if we further dissect this strategy made by Hungry Jacks they tricked the customers by making them aware of a law and proved themselves as hero’s by showing that they are following this law.

In other words targeted market became more aware of the beef hormones being given in burgers and the ones who will be health conscious will automatically go to Hungry Jacks to have beef burgers which in return brought a lot of losses for the other beef traders. (Locke, 2016)


Apple Inc. has always followed this strategy since the launch of its iPhone 3 till date. It has always had same features in all its models till now but will always have one such distinct feature that they will flash in the targeted market every time as shown in the video given below.

(Apple Inc., 2015)


To efficiently reposition a product, it is important to understand how the brand and the competitors are establishing in the target market. With the help of multidimensional method we can judge which all dimensions can be focused to position or reposition the brand and the consumer needs.  Thus, satisfying the requirements of Segmentation Targeting and Positioning by creating a need for the product in consumers. (Wright, 1996)





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