FANTA COMES UP WITH A STRONG MARKETING PUSH WITH           IT’S INSERT 7   New Range of Strawberry Sherbet  Fizz” 12718312_1037426156318763_4832244136289756579_n

What is Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning ?

It is a marketing instrument with the help of which marketeers,

D= Differentiate

A= Attract

R= Retain

G= Grow , the customer base for their particular products.

Year 2016 for Fanta- What’s On Mind???

The year 2016 begun with Coca-Cola South pacific, launching a garden-fresh strategy tagged as ‘Be More Fanta’ in addition to the ‘Selfie campaign’. It works towards “inspiring teens to extricate from their daily pressure and embrace their exciting side.” In addition to that, the campaign also emphases to inspire the segment of mummies by reminding them the significance of play for her teenager.

The 30 second clip displays the behavior of early teens. Some pulling pranks on each other while some taking bonkers photos. It basically focuses on bringing some play into the world which has proved to deliver a successful track record since 2009.

Further strengthening the 2016 strategy, Fanta comes with a powerful marketing push with its recent range of ‘Strawberry Sherbet Fizz’. The Sherbet Fizz, introduced as a 12 month limited edition, is gaining huge popularity.


                                                     Fanta’s 2016 strategy is to ‘bring the fun’

Apart from targeting the teens and mums, Fanta analysis the behaviour of the teens who are looking forward to attain real consumption experience and social recognition in course of enjoying the beverage. As per the research conducted, the Sherbet Fizz proves to be effective in aligning with the target market of teens and mums. This statement was put forward by the brand manager Ramona Spiteri, who also added that,” the new product is perfect for our audience, with strong purchase intent and consumer sentiment among teens and mums”.

The Sherbet Fizz is described as a fruity drink with “extra tingles”, such a new flavor enriches the playful side of Fanta and enhances it’s creative image in the mind of its prospects. It joins the range of “rainbow flavor’s” that were launched in 2013.

Positioning of Fanta also comprises of the distribution channel and its promotion, the Strawberry Fizz will be available in supermarkets namely Coles, Woolworth’s, independent retailers and petrol convenience stores. The product is to be distributed in 1.25L bottles, 250ml cans and 8x200ml mini can packs. The retailers would be on their own to pick up a particular price for the product. With respect to promotion, it focuses on engaging the teens through outdoor advertising, a wireless campaign, a targeted social offering on Instagram and Facebook and involving the audience of the YouTube influencer Tyde Levi, who were involved in the #Fanta Taste campaign last year.

In addition to that, promoting by means of mobile phones , shake banners, Selfie props, covering digital banners and a Fanta droplet challenge game. Mums will be targeted with mobile and radio advertising, also targeted with the proximity outdoor advertising aligned to path to purchase as well as in-store presence.

On the basis of the positioning of Fanta, the brand mantra for Fanta would be:

FANTA Fun, excitement, shared experience


Teenagers willing to join the community, fun. Beverage and social community

And with the positioning map, it would top the chart in the category of fun and having a high consumption experience in comparison with its competitors  (E.g.  Orangina).

If we look at the Coca-Cola company’s annual advertising budget, we come across a figure of US$3.976 billion. Such a massive budget gives them a competitive edge because of which it can introduce new products into the market such as the strawberry Fanta fizz.

Coca-Cola company is indeed doing well with Fanta. Right from positioning it as an orange flavor soda, to addressing the product to teenagers who are willing to have a real experience which goes beyond the level of consumption.


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Fanta comes up with a strong marketing push!

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