Clean! Fresh! Healthy! —-That’s NIVEA!

Marketing segmentation is the key for brand success. NIVEA as a leading brand in Beiersdorf company had successful use the segmentation strategy in the market.NIVEA is one of the largest skincare brand in the world (Mann R, 2014). It had 125 years history, and as a leader brand in 46 countries ( NIVEA, 2016).In 21 century both women and men had pay attention to keep healthy and young. For this reason, now NIVEA had different products for sell, such as body care, hand care, men’s face care, female face care, lip care, shower soap, and sun care. The most popular product is sun care (BUSINESS CASE STUDIES, 2016).




Firstly, NIVEA product had segment sun care product as geography. For example, female and male, adults and children. Secondly, NIVEA segment as demography, such as the location is dry or damp, in HAWAII or in Iceland (BUSINESS CASE STUDIES, 2016).



Thirdly, NIVEA segment the customer as psychology, they divide customer into five parts:

1.concern customer, which is pay attention to the function.

2.avoid sun customer, avoid sun as possible as they can, they prefer use spray because it is convenient.

3. Sun lover, they prefer to choose the reliable brand, and they have high loyalty.

4. Careless customer: they want to use the lowest SPF to enjoy the sun.

5. Normal protect: they know the important of sun block, but do not know which brand is fit for them (BUSINESS CASE STUDIES, 2016).

Fourthly is NIVEA also segment the product according to different situation, for example outdoor for vacation or business. They consider from customer to gain more market share. NIVEA use tailored strategy, design different products for different segments (BUSINESS CASE STUDIES, 2016).



NIVEA product target the young girl age from 13 to 19, and design the product fit for their needs of keep skin beautiful and clean. They provide professional skincare, collect data from customer product testing and continue get innovation. NIVEA now had provide colorful package which had discount to attract young girl customer (Mann R, 2014).


For the product they change the package to use the flower and colorful pattern, and innovation the product formula. In addition, NIVEA use recycle material to produce the product package which let their product become unique (Mann R, 2014).For price, NIVEA had NIVEA VISAGE which had discount and buy one get another free (Mann R, 2014). For promotion, they had advertise which is target for different people such as young girl, young men and baby, children. leave the image of clean, fresh health to improve sales volume (Mann R, 2014). For place, most of the product selling in the big market, some of product can oder from internet and send by mail. These advantages make NIVEA successful in the market (Mann R, 2014).

Problem and solution

On the contrast, NIVEA lack of aware their weakness. They good at analysis their strength to attract customer, but they still need to find and overcome their product weakness. Such as the product effect do not obvious, so they need to continue research and innovation. Some customer prefer simple package than colorful package, so they can provide different type of package let customer choose. In addition, they only had advertisement on TV, in 21 century, especially their major customer is young girl, NIVEA should advertise their product on twitter and Facebook. Finally, They need cooperation with other brand to improve their reputation, find more opportunity in the market.  NVEA still need some strategies to use which will let their product becoming more popular in the world. This is my opinion, what about you?


By SHUANGCHEN HU (214295999)


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2 thoughts on “Clean! Fresh! Healthy! —-That’s NIVEA!

  1. The blog clearly explains how NIVEA segments their customers by using the segmentation strategies.
    There are several different types of NIVEA products available in market and in my view they are doing well in present days in marketing their products to become more popular .


  2. You presented good explanation and analysis on the segment through several aspects, especially NIVEA segment the customer as psychology, which combines theory with practical knowledge as well. I strongly agree with you, the contribution of NIVEA products on the sun care is obvious, the successful marketing segmentation could result in successful brand.


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