COCA COLA company is the world’s driving producer, advertiser, and merchant of delicate drinks. Coca Cola utilizes “Multisegment” focusing on procedure which implies that the organization has more than single, all around characterized, market section. It builds up a showcasing blend for each of the portions. Coca Cola has more than 400 distinct items line, aggregate of 3,500 item blend.

Coca Cola uses different blends to target different age groups, ethnic groups, sexes, lifestyles, etc. for example they use “OASIS”, a juice to target the age group of 20-30. And also it produces products like “Diet Coke, Coca Cola Zero” for the health conscious people who don’t prefer calories but cannot forget the taste. This age group consists of the people aged 30-50.


“Few Coca Cola products”

Coca Cola even uses special packs at special occasions to encourage people to buy more of their products. Like “Christmas Celebration Bottle Bow”  which was mainly launched for Christmas and for which their sales even went up by a good margin.

Coca Cola has been successful  in blending its products according to the geographic, demographic, behavioral and psychographic segmentation strategies. The glorious example we see here is that during the major world championship games, like Football World Cup, Cricket World Cup, etc their major marketing strategy comes to action and the segmentation and targeting becomes more perfect.

Coca Cola has surely targeted the customer’s media habits very effectively for sure like:

  • The youthful target gathering of people of the brand cherishes media presentation ;
  • Mobile era and online networking is a piece of every day life;
  • Connected individuals; they like advancements, they like being shocked.

Coca Cola’s utilization in the late spring is 60% than 40% in the winter; in this way, the organization’s deals are higher in the mid year. It additionally centers in hot region on the planet. This is the reason, despite being an American company, its still doing a very successful business in India. Where “Amir Khan” a a very big Bollywood star is the brand ambassador of the company and the T.V commercials a very popular and the sales are all time high because the company understood the principle a while ago “think global, act local”. This scenario of high sales is seen seen in most of the Asian and the Gulf countries, reason being the temperature.

Coca Cola has deliberately situated itself inside of the world soda pop market. It confronts a crucial inquiry: does it need to keep the same situating or to adjust as indicated by the 200 nations where the brand offers its items. Coca Cola items are obtained by various classes, yet mostly by middle to high level class. What’s more, numerous individuals today settle on their buys choices taking into account the organization’s morals and, or social obligation. Coca Cola picks up the trust of its shoppers by adding to nature in various ways.


They utilize vital situating with a specific end goal to have the same picture all around the globe, which is a win since it is seen today as a piece of day by day life all around. This impression of the brand by the shopper prompts a high level of reliability and settles on the acquiring choice more programmed. Coca Cola has been fruitful by utilizing Unique Selling Preposition word as “Carry on with the coke side of life”, identified with euphoria and satisfaction.At the point when the name of Coke is said, the principal thing that comes into psyche is fun and diversion.

The success is on and yet to go far beyond.







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