Rostered on cover photoRostered on, an our very own Australian comedic online serie draws a perfect example of being a retail staff. The serie is based on an employee’s perspective towards his work environment, and the scene was mainly filmed in an electronic ‘Dicksmith’ like store (Rostered On, 2016).

This online show builds its brand and popularity quite successfully with its short debut in early April this year via the online streaming platform ‘Youtube‘. Similarly to other ready to launch products or services, this online comedy cultivated an early marketing strategy through non-costly platforms such as, Facebook, and Instagram for over a year time consistently in promoting its brand awareness.  Kumar et al (2016)  also emphasises the effect of social media, that it plays as a major sales booster for many large scale enterprises.

According to Australian statistics (2016), the turnover rate in this industry is fairly high and expected to rise by 3.7% in comparison to the previous year’s statistic. Let’s admit it, we all might’ve been in the same role either briefly or for a certain amount of period. We all can come to an agreement that retail business sector is typical known ‘HELL’.

retailPerhaps, that’s the secret behind the reason why it is exceeding the expectation as the product development process was taken into account to seek a potential market for the product (Salgado, Salomon & Mello, 2012). As mentioned above, market research might’ve been analysed to identify the potential, and concept testing was proceeded in a timely manner, where ‘behind the scene’ photos and shout-out statuses were posted online. Followed by constantly uploading snippets videos and trailers to see the reaction from the audience, it thus launches its very first episode.

Besides, the scene portraits its brand personality vividly as the crews are all in blue uniforms as this particular blue colour often associates with true blue Australians and culture. Additionally, the utilisation of similar store to a well-known local large electronic department store makes it easier for audience to recognise, and in combination of that fact it is extremely relatable for many individuals, who have been an employee themselves. Don’t even get me started, whenever I hear ‘Can I speak to your manager?’, it fuels me up immediately like extra-hot sauce from Nando’s. It therefore draws a perfect brand extension for the show since it illustrates scenario where all retail staffs imaginably want to do to ‘difficult’ customers in real life.


The moral of this blog, please do not treat retail staffs like rubbish, because in many situations, they don’t have any powers or authorities to solve your legitimate or silly problems.

* This following comedy trailer is R rated which contains excessive swearing and profanity, under 18 soft babies must be accompanied with your parents!!!!! 

P.S please go give our home tv programme some love on their Facebook & Instagram!!!

Student Name: Fraser Kaorn Hour
Student ID: 212389574


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