The significant impact of Social Media on STP

Social media today.

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In my small world with less exposure to social media,  The fast changing of online communication channels nowadays,  has captured my interest to see the much dedication media has had on community based input, interactions, content sharing and the much collaborations going on everyday. It is fascinating, for a country like Samoa which is only a dot on the map, everything from the way of living including exposure to ICT are only in the development stages.

The locals are very dedicated to culture and religion, some people are in for the changes, and can be strategically driven with social media especially for the business people with goods and services that needs to be out there in the market world, others are just very conservative and would go against all these changes and say that social media has brought in knowledge beyond our understanding bringing chaos and confusion and uncertainty.

Business minds segments well.

They say if you ain’t in for it, then why bother. I hope with this blog you can perhaps get out of your comfort zone and make great use of the social media sites as business people nowadays have come to realize the significant impact and changes social media can do for them.

Believe it or not, small businesses have grown in the islands from handcrafts, small retailers making printed materials to home cooking and baking and before you know it, people are posting on Facebook dresses, furniture’s, jewelries, food, electronics and even searching for a missing child. I am not sure if this is happening in the outside world.

Facebook has become a popular and free social networking website that has allowed the locals to communicate more freely and segmentation hasn’t been more simply for most of them. Niche marketing became the flavors of these businesses as the focus switched from producing more of what has been stacked for months to the exact products people ask for on Face book which appeared more profitable.

LinkedIn, on the other hand was specifically designed for the business community allowing the members to establish and document networks. People have collaborated effectively among this group sharing of new ideas on markets and products specifically requested by segments and more importantly building the knowledge within this group.



We live in a world where boundaries are shifting every day which has resulted in an increase focus for business people to become professional, think business and efficient. Social media has been the shift of focus as people have come to realize that they can target their customers more frequently on most of these social media sites at a very minimum cost. According to Iacobucci (2013), once a segment has been identified, we have our target to better serve with the resources currently at hand. Social media is the engine to select the ideal customer segments to target.


Iacobucci (2013) continues to stress the importance of how Marketers position themselves in the interest of the customers and most importantly in the eyes of the rivals. Moreover, to be successful in the marketing world, I would recommend for you to have this checklist in place. 1. What do you want your position in the Market place to be? 2. Do you have the brand that offers the greatest value? 3. How can you earn your rightful position in the market?

Social Media my friends is at the palm of your own hands and it is the only way you can achieve goals with just a penny for your data bundles and you are on the move to segment, target and position for your achievements.

Jacinta Tupuola

ID: 212369336

Reference list:

Iacobucci, Dawn. 2013. MM4, Marketing Management. South Western. Cengage Learning.



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