Qantas, Walken their way into Health Insurance.

Qantas has recently launched a new line of health and travel insurance, Qantas Assure. The new ad campaign features Oscar-winner, Christopher Walken, as he demonstrates all the different activities one can take on to earn Qantas frequent flyer points; Christopher walken, Christopher runnen, Christopher climben and my personal favourite Christopher dancen (gotta love a good pun). The campaign will be shown on TV, in cinemas, airports, outdoors (billboards) and online. So how did Qantas go about segmenting the market, targeting their audience and positioning their campaign?

Qantas-Assure-Christopher-Walken-728x515Christopher Walken, the face of Qantas Assure. 

Qantas appears to have created this new product for their current customer base and all other Australians looking to track their activeness through technology such as, an app, which they have created for Qantas Assure users. Qantas loyalty CEO Lesley Grant states, “We have more than 11 million frequent flyers and about a quarter of all Australians are already keeping an eye on their health through wearable technology, so we think the idea of earning points for being active will appeal to a lot of people” (Ricki, 2016). Research shows that people are after more value from their health insurance therefore Qantas may have had the right idea in marketing a new insurance scheme such as, Qantas Assure to their segment. Qantas has used a tailored strategy approach to their campaign by offering one-to-one marketing by allowing customers to tailor their insurance packages to their own needs, which is proven to appeal to the overall majority.

Qantas have the corporate strength and the attractive market to make a successful marketing campaign and with the help of Christopher Walken, it seems like a no-brainer for Qantas. But with many other comprehensive health insurances on the market will Qantas be Walken to the top of the insurance ladder any time soon? (OK last pun I promise). As Grant mentioned there is research to suggest producing a new form of rewarding health insurance is something customers are interested in. Therefore targeting those customers would be the most profitable for Qantas.

Qantas not only has famous Mr. Walken backing them, they also have two thumbs up from Professor Gary Jennings, the CEO of the National Heart Foundation, as he says “Qantas Assure is the only health insurance membership with access to a wellness program endorsed by the National Heart Foundation” (Ricki, 2016). You have to hand it to Qantas they have made a smart business-to-business partnership with the NHF, as consumers often look to them when it comes to their health habits.

As Qantas already has access to a lot of data about their current customers it would be easy enough for them to suss out what their customers want. As Grant states, “we know from trialling the Qantas Assure App that being incentivised to stay fit and healthy is popular among our members. When points were up for grabs, members have told us they would rather take the stairs rather than the lift…” (Ricki, 2016). The fact that Qantas have already positioned their product to consumers and received positive feedback is encouraging for them and a considerable factor for launching the program into the marketplace. They have also used promotional activity to kick-start the campaign with giving consumers up to 50,000 frequent flyer points or an Apple watch just for joining (seems like Qantas is a fan of operant conditioning).

From the looks of it Qantas have done their research and put together a campaign that has potential to be profitable for them. Only time will tell if consumers will latch onto the idea of incentive health insurance. If all else fails they did manage to entertain us for 1min 30sec with Christopher Walken puns.

By: Meher Chubb (MeherChubb08)
Student ID: 211336178


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