The Leader of Flavour Hobbies


McDonald’s story:

McDonald’s is known as the largest hamburgers fast food chain of restaurants in the world. The history of McDonald’s started from 1940 when brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the first McDonald’s in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, serving barbecue alongside its burgers – fries weren’t even on the menu.


Nowadays, the company has more than 34,000 restaurants in over 118 countries. Every day, they are selling meals to more than 50 million people around the world. At the moment McDonald’s menu included a variety of burgers served with veal, chicken, fish with vegetables and different souses. In addition, customers can order salad, ice-cream or fruit pie.

Savers Menu:

Personally for me, McDonald’s is one of the most successful examples of great marketing companies. From the beginning they began to offer different deals, where customers can save money if they take in order burger or cheeseburger, french-fry and beverage. Most people want to save their money, especially when they are in a rush and see a great deal. People come back to McDonald’s to have a good deal and nice taste. Consequently, McDonald’s sells more and more with every new products and new deal.       


McDonald’s mobile technologies: 

Also, cannot ignore the fact that McDonald’s keeps up with modern technologies. Most people use smartphones, because it is comfortable and effective. Based on it McDonald’s create a mobile app, where all customers have an access for new products advertisement, specials, menu and find the nearest restaurant. Based on my social circle feedbacks, they used McDonald’sApp every time at unfamiliar terrain to find the restaurant for lunch or coffee break.



Games of McDonald’s:

Moreover, McDonald’s makes very creative and carrying away competitions for their customers, for example: ‘’McDonald’s Monopoly’’ or ‘’Angry Birds in McDonald’s’’. The McDonald’s Monopoly was in Australia few months ago. There are many people participated in it, including me.


 McDonald’s is one of the few restaurants that remember that the instant lottery tickets are the most interesting and effective. All what you needed to participate is: to buy a product, tear a barcode and immediately you can see the result. Customer can win a small prize, such as a certificate for the purchase from one of the lottery-partners or any dish from the menu (all sorts of pies, potatoes, drinks and burgers). If you do not win, there is a point accumulation system: collect stickers of the same colour and if you will collect all stickers with same colour, you get one of the expensive prizes. In such a lottery participants get a passion to win, which increases customers shopping frequency. All people that I know in Australia have participated in Monopoly, but won just a small prize.

Your own taste:

Finally, one of the last largest campaigns from McDonald’s was “Create Your Taste’’.


Customers were able to build favourite burger with over 35 gourmet ingredients with favourite souses and other addition. McDonald’s global boss Steve Easterbrook said that Australia had seen a “strong performer” as international sales riced 4.2 per cent during ‘’Create Your Taste’’ campaign. As for me, my visit to McDonald’s increased from once in two weeks to once per week or even more, because there was really restaurant quality, but much cheaper than in other places.


Furthermore, despite the criticism of some people and scientists about unsatisfactory quality of McDonald’s meat and popularisation of healthy food, McDonald’s remains the most popular and biggest chain fast food restaurant in the world. For this reason, McDonald’s gives 100% veal guaranty. In addition, McDonald’s Australia chief executive Andrew Gregory instructed to add a function to the McDonald’sApp, where each customer will be able to see exactly from which farm the meat was delivered. Consequently, customer’s confidence will increase, because people will be able to check everything.

For conclusion, McDonald’s was, is and will be the most popular fast food restaurant among people, because its service, taste and marketing strategies do not have competitors.



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