Thank you for Smoking

What will it finally take to stop smokers from persistently harming themselves? Clearly, awareness campaigns, gruesome taxation and repulsive images on cigarette packs, are not working out exactly as planned.

21st Century, the pinnacle of human development, has seen the race that populates this planet fall victim to one of the deadliest problems one may encounter – the lack of will power.

Experts argue that it is not just will power that restricts a person to act in accordance to their own health benefit, however. They claim that it is way more complex than that. Surely, this is an anomaly that a person, knowing full well the harms associated to it, continues to smoke. Or is it?

The developing countries are not even part of the debate. The rise of smoking and its excessive prevalence seems to be overtaken by other issues, such as developing, in the current global atmosphere we call the modern world.

On the other hand, the developed world is trying day and night to stop consumers from purchasing a pack of cigarettes. There have been researches. There have been massive awareness campaigns. There has been a general disdain towards the act. Why is it then, that an average person, still considers smoking, not a big deal?

Consequently, governments in countries such as the United States, Australia and most European states, believe smoking to be an injurious activity. Consequently, rigorous efforts are made to pertain it. Every year a new policy is introduced to curb the consumption of tobacco.

Yet, companies manufacturing these cigarettes, despite facing difficulties, continue to make profits. Although they would admit to being bothered every once in a while, higher executives and managers have little to worry about when it comes to consumer loyalty for their products.

An average human is prone to addiction, which benefits these companies greatly. From the perspective of a businessman, there is no harm in providing a consumer with a commodity he/she demands while the company enjoys financial gains in the process.

One must also observe, that marketing for cigarettes has undergone a great deal of scrutiny and the modern world shows little mercy to those interested in promoting a product that is harmful to one’s health. However, with minimal amount of efforts put in for advertising cigarettes, sales have not undergone a nosedive.

Most countries in the world brand cigarette packs with images demonstrating disease and their sufferers explicitly. A factor which is also not making an impact as big as the person, who came up with idea, would have hoped.

In addition to some decrease in the smoking trends, the major change that has occurred is that people have started to rely more on rolling tobacco than the conventional pack of cigarettes.

According to, a Singapore-based website, the withdrawals suffered by people attempting to quit smoking is a huge part of the problem. The website states that these withdrawals include, headaches, dizziness, nausea, cough, hunger, fatigue, constipation and troubled sleep amongst others. (, 2016)

Another study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, based in the United States, put forth some interesting observations as well. Though, instead of simply looking at the withdrawals, this study took a deeper look at the behaviours that lead to smoking or trigger a person to ‘light one up’.

According to the study, these triggers include driving, social gatherings, talking on the phone, having sex, drinking tea, wine or coffee amongst others. Having experienced the company of chain smokers myself, I can advocate that this is a fact. A smoker does not register these actions as triggers but he/she finds him/herself puffing one away soon enough. (, 2016)

Acknowledging all of these factors, one does feel slightly helpless if they consider smoking a cardinal sin. Especially considering activists who spend their days coming up with ways to curb the usage of tobacco, it must be a tough pill to swallow seeing regular people constantly engage in this vice. But then again, that’s consumer behaviour for you.




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