Melbourne Hipsters Approved Chicken

F.A.T logoF.A.T Fried & Tasty was first opened in early 2015 and located in the heart of Brunswick East aka The Hipsters Town. The newly opened food joint majorly targets at promoting the warm and hearty Southern American home cooked food in conjunction with a touch of urban American hip-hop music culture, which polishes up this eatery to becoming the “IT” in Melbourne recently.

‘So what is so unique about this place?’ you may ask.

What differentiates this unholy indulgent food joint from other competitors in the food industry is that Melbourne consumers’ behaviours and high expectations towards a café or restaurant. Similarly to many other countries, Melbourne undoubtedly falls into a category, where the physiological need is the most fundamental and basic need under the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Demographic wise, Melbournians are usually described as either food or coffee snobs at one stage. It thus emphasises the fact that the dining out culture here is more than just to fulfilling the physiological need, but we treat it as an experience to satisfy our esteem needs. Under the American media’s influence, this evil-licious eatery not-surprisingly has become one of Brunswick’s favourites as it brings the authentic Houston flavour along with a vibrant dine-in experience to this little hipster town.

Then again, you might think this place mainly offers junk food, and lacks of healthy options. Therefore, consumers may have second thought during the pre-purchase phase. But admit it, you might have paused for a few seconds to imaginatively demolishing these foods already, which brings the nexus to my next point Sensation and perceptionThe sensation generally has the five core aspects including visual, hearing, taste, smell, and touch (John 2014). This fried chicken joint has done a tremendous work on marketing itself by presenting its logo in orange colour, which is associated with its primary food colour. Also, the restaurant atmosphere was accommodated with urban American music in background, and needless to mention about its aromatic greasy fried chicken smell filled up the place. Topping it off, the chicken’s juice explodes when bitting into it with a crunchy texture.

12715222_470081569854985_778397773763057916_nAdditionally, price normally is an aspect that consumers will take into consideration before making the purchase, which affects the purchase process. However, F.A.T is being a top gun by delivery top-notch food with an affordable price ranging from $7 to $17 per dish (F.A.T Fried and Taste, 2016). To spice things up, they also have a massive burger challenge every Thursday for consumers who can finish it under 6 minutes.

During the post-purchase stage, consumers either consciously or sub-consciously develop an opinion towards the quality of service or product was delivered, and often make a judgement whether the expectation was met or not. Accordingly to Mir (2014), the online and social media play a tremendous role in maximising companies’ sales potential as it is an online form of word of mouth marketing.


Student Name: Fraser Kaorn Hour

Student ID: 212389574


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6 thoughts on “Melbourne Hipsters Approved Chicken

  1. regarding eatery segment when every one are focusing on healthy food, this one such blog which istastey food !!! (now who cares about health wen it is tasty :P). and yes these competitions in food joints have become a new fashion in young age population to participate and get the rewards.

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