The market is ever changing with the evolving tastes and preferences of customers for any good and services; it is this nature of customer which makes it crucial for marketing personnel to understand the customer psychology to cater to the evolving needs of the customer and identify the potential opportunities which are not currently met. Here is one such company which has identified the new opportunity based on the evolving needs of the customer in the food industry ie., “Lite n’ easy”. There are so many giant fast food restaurant chains around us but what is it which made Lite n’ easy to sustain in the market for more than 20 years? The logic is simple it has understood the importance of healthy eating in our daily life which is getting busier day by day. It delivers great tasting healthy meals which are a convenient solution for time-poor people who are too busy to shop or cook every day. Lite n’ easy comes with the options of customization of meal plan that is easy to lose weight and manage weight. Here the purchasing decision is mainly made on the basis of unavailability of time to cook the healthy meals.

At the start of the year, people around the world expressed their wishes for 2016 by sharing their New Year’s resolutions online. What do people want this year? Forrester’s analysis of the social conversation shows that physical and mental wellbeing dominated most of the resolutions posted across the globe. People are striving to be healthier physically and mentally in this busy life. However having the healthier meal ready on your table every day at the affordable prices makes life much easier. One can simply allocate their time required for cooking to any other recreational activities which will help in improving the mental health of the people.


With evolving needs and requirements of the customers, business should also evolve continuously in order to serve its customers better. And I think Lite n’ easy has moulded itself to this mantra well. Initially, it was only up to providing the daily meals to busy professionals later on it diversified it services to customised product delivery which included Gluten free diet, weight loss diet plan, diabetic diet plan etc., and was able to reach varied customer sects. With such product feature and ability to cater the needs of diversified customers, it has gained good market share through positive word of mouth. Even the promotion strategy which it has chosen is  based on sharing the experiences from the general public who used their services  rather than selecting and signing off any celebrity to promote their services, which I think is a great idea as it will connect to the customers better.


One thing which is worth considerable is how Lite n’ easy was able to understand the changing needs of the customers and also how people make decisions about  what they  want, need, or act in regards to a product and  service. It is crucial to understand and analyze the consumer behaviour in order to deliver the product or service which the customer is looking for, which in turn can provide with greater satisfaction levels to the customer.

I think “Lite n’ easy” was able to catch the nerve of the consumer and has responded to their needs properly on the basis of consumer behaviour. It has utilized the opportunity quite well. And what do you think ? Do let me know.



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2 thoughts on “GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY!!!!!

  1. That’s a good question, I think people who use it use it completely while other who don’t use them may are either unaware of this product or they may have required time to cook for themselves.. However I feel they still need to do vigorous advertisement to create awareness.


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