From Hungry To Happy In 10 Minutes


UberEats as an innovative service

Uber App is a rapidly growing platform, which is connecting consumers and companies for better service experience. UberEats deals with on-demand food delivery services in California market and it is expanding rapidly in terms of internationalization. The current market situation, customer satisfaction is the major concern for every company. As per the viewpoint of Goh, Heng and Lin (2013), the aim of every service-based company is to help consumers to reach to the self-actualization phase of Maslow need of hierarchy model.MaslowsHierarchyOfNeeds.svg.png

In order to do so, providing a doorstep services is what the service-based companies are looking for. Well, I think that this kind of services generally influence the consumers to increase self-esteem rather than just enjoying the service quality.


Now the question is how UberEats operates the entire service and what the business model the company is following. Let us talk about the process followed in order to provide service. Uber Technology develops mobile application for both partners and consumers as well. Now, the application helps the consumers and partners to communicate with each other easily. Many articles and blogs are focusing on how the contemporary or traditional market is affected by the rapid growth of doorstep services. Actually, the service provided by UberEats and the other services provided by Uber is directly influencing behavior of the consumers. In this process, consumers can relax while the service providers are rushing for delivering the food. Now, when it comes to the consumers’ behavior, the changing needs and demands of consumers might be the reason of implementing this kind of business model. Now for instance, if we consider a food delivery company, the company might have an operational process for delivering foods within the territory. Now, UberEats enables the company to expand the business in terms of business territory. More specifically, UberEats is not only satisfying needs and demands of the consumers, but also facilitating the partner companies in terms of business expansion.

How UberEats influence consumers’ behavior


Now, you might think that how UberEats is influencing consumers’ behavior by delivering food within short time. Here, I would like to introduce psychological model of consumer behavior. According to this model of consumer behavior, motivation and need of customer is the major factors, which influence an individual to avail a service or buy a product. If consumer motivation is high, then it is possible to retain the existing customers as well as attracting new consumers from competitive market (Moore and Berger 2015).

UberEats ensures food delivery within short time and therefore, consumer motivation is high, which influences the consumers to avail this service rather than adopting the traditional process of product purchasing.


Now, another aspect is different segments of consumer groups. Different groups of consumers in terms of socio-economic class and cultural class behave differently while making purchasing decision. The service of UberEats increase the overall cost for the customers and therefore, some group of consumer refuse to avail the service. While on the other hand, people belong from high socio-economic groups avail the service for reducing time involvement. Apart from that, consumers belong from high socio-economic groups are seeking for doorstep services. If purchasing behavior of this consumer group is being considered, then it can be said that UberEats is satisfying specific needs and requirements of the consumers; however, the product quality is solely depends on the partner company. UberEats has established an effective network with the reputed food service provider companies for assuring the consumers regarding the product quality as well as the service quality. Apart from all these factors, UberEats may influence consumers buying behavior from different aspects. The factors are may be tangible or intangible, but whatever the factor is, I must say that this kind of services is effectively facilitating both the companies and consumers.





Reference list

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Moore, K.A. and Berger, P.D., 2015. Materialism and consumer behavior: Differences in types of materialism among different cultures. Indian Journal of Marketing45(1), pp.9-18


3 thoughts on “From Hungry To Happy In 10 Minutes

  1. Yes, UberEats not only influence the consumers’ behavior by delivering food within short time, it also creates the consumer behavior through new user experience. Customers prefer to choose the new service rather than adopting the traditional process of product purchasing.


  2. Well i recently heard about this service. This is a bigger version of Deliveroo and you can even apply for a delivery job if you have a two wheeler just like in UBER cab. This blog is precise and provided almost all the information regarding uber eat.


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