Cultural factors influence customer behavior —- McDonald’s marketing strategies


Cultural factors as the one crucial characteristics influencing of consumer behavior in marketing management that influences the customer’s choices and buying behavior greatly, because there are different culture on different regions and countries, culture is the most basic factor for understanding the personal desire and consumption habit. The marketing strategies should be based on the cultural diversity. Many global marketing and advertising have witnessed this point, such as McDonald’s marketing and advertising strategies.

McDonald’s marketing has different strategy in different regions. Even in Asia, the advertising content for each country is different. It is very subtle to reflect cultural characteristics in different areas, including culture, subculture, and social class.

Culture factors

For example, in Japan, most Japanese have high preferences on animations and the animation in Japan is the fastest growing industry as well. So McDonald tends to use more animation elements for marketing and advertising. It aims to attract more target customers,including Kids, teenagers, even young adults.


Many well-known cartoons were used in McDonald’s advertisement marketing that enhances the attractiveness and popularity of products.

Moreover, McDonald’s in China, Kung Fu and the movie stars of the show are utilized in advertisement. Its marketing was integrated Chinese traditional culture with star effect. Furthermore, for example, during Children’s Day in China, the Kung Fu show was also integrated into the marketing activities. It could be more popular in China because of the cultural identity.



Some small subcultures are contained in the each culture, such as religions, nationalities and racial group. When implement the market segment, the marketers should consider the subculture. McDonald’s in Malaysia focused on the local culture, religion and customs, it emphasised the family experiences, the Halal logo are indicated in all kinds of Halal food advertising. It also emphasises on good values with draw attentions of local customs. The customs in different areas presents diversity.

McDonald considered the local eating habits to practise the different marketing strategies. For example, many Chinese people choose Chinese food for breakfast, McDonald’s launched a Chinese-style breakfast based on the eating habits. Especially in 2013, McDonald’s no longer just focused on burgers, fries, the Chinese food, like Fritters, soy milk and porridge, are also become its new products. Because of persistent weakness in earnings growth, the US fast food industry is exploring its transition in order to better engage the customers.


                                                               McDonald Chinese pancakes


Social class

The people share the similar behaviour, values and interests in the certain social class. So, we should consider the customer’s income, occupation and education in different social class that is important for successful marketing, because the customers have the similar buying behaviour within same social class.

McDonald’s mostly targets customers with limited time for having meal especially young people. The characteristics of the meals and services of McDonald’s are quick, tasty and cheap that because young people usually being busy on studying and working also have limited power of consumption. Moreover, McDonald’s marketing strategy is quite clear that they spend lot attention on children. It is not hard to get found that a large number of McDonald’s advertisings are relevant to children such as new children meal and toys come with special children meal. Furthermore, their children focus strategy also brings the business chances on family meal because young children won’t come alone; therefore McDonald’s also provide the family set quick meal. In the other hand, other single meals such as with burgers and nuggets are suitable for young adults have a busy work.



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