Consumer behavior is a very broad and wide field. As we know that consumer behavior is a research of customers and the way they consume or adapt towards any product or service. Each situation is different, the more you know your customers the better the marketer can plan things. The spot light in consumer behavior is mainly focused on consumer’s decision making pattern, means what do the consumers or customers think before buying a product or service. In case of Samsung Products, we can see that it has acquired a large market share in the world because of its smart phones and fast and promising services provided to the customers.


Samsung knows its customers very well, which is one of the reasons it uses Skimming pricing strategy for its smart phone since, it satisfies consumer needs as well as desires. For examples a consumer who is not able to buy an expensive smart phone has the option to buy the less expensive one, which also provides almost the similar functions as the expensive one.


Let’s understand consumer behavior through consumer buying process of Samsung smart phones:



Problem Recognition:


It is the first and most important phases where the customer recognizes his or her needs. The needs can be internal (thirst or hunger) or external (influence from others or advertisements). For example, a college student is given some important notice is told to inform his/her friends, so the student cannot circulate the notice among the friends with the ordinary mobile. So here the need is recognized and then the student buys a smart phone.


Information Search:


Now since the need is recognized, the second phase is the information search, wherein the consumer gathers information regarding his/her needs. As seen in the first example that the student is in need of a smart phone he gathers information from his friends, does his own research, takes advice from elders, etc. So in case of Samsung smart phones, which are very popular now a day, attracts consumers towards it for its flexible rates, functions and colors and they even have a good resale value. Getting information regarding Samsung phones is really easy and there are various ways to get them.


Evaluation of Alternatives:


In this phase, a consumer looks for the alternatives like other products of different brands and then compares them and chooses one which suits or benefits his/her needs. The factors which affects this phase is customers’ attitude and involvement. For example, some consumers look for longer battery life, some look for good camera and video quality, some look for phones which support 3G or 4G networks, some look for good display and touch and some look for the memory. In case of Samsung smart phone, Samsung provides all the features in its smart phones product ranges, so any consumer would tend to buy Samsung products. Since the consumer here is a student he would be looking for good camera, battery life, high processor and other features.


Purchase Decision:


This the penultimate stage where the consumer finally decides which product to buy of which brand. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had been introduced in the market with four models (google Ed., Active, Mini, Zoom), so the consumer(Student) decides to buy S4 google edition for its good camera, high processor and for good battery life.


Post Purchase Behavior:


In the final stage or phase the student will compare the new product with the previous one and if the expectations are met then will be satisfied or if not then dissatisfied. If satisfied then will promote the brand Samsung to his/her other friends and if dissatisfied then would say negative comments about the brand to his/her friends.


Sagar Bhandarkar Student Id- 215353679


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