Restaurant business is one of most competitive business category all around the world. As in any business restaurant business is also driven by its customers and their satisfaction levels. Unless they are satisfied they is a very little chance of surviving for long period of time because an alternative is always available. So, In order to have a success in this business consumer response to the product is a must.

There are different eating habits based on different geographical regions so products positioned to attract the customer varies based on the customer segmentation. There are various types of food habits in different parts of India. Someone can say that eating habits are distinguished by the cultures of various states.

In a country like India where people prefer home food over the outside food. Many people choose the street food to fill their stomach however there is increasingly change in trend with people opting restaurants more often than they used to. Consumers choose restaurants to dine for multiple reasons some people have food in restaurants either they don’t have necessary items to cook or they don’t know how to cook the food. Some are busy that they do not find enough time to cook the food. Some have food in restaurants just to freak out with friends and families whatever the reason might be the fact remains is restaurant industry is thriving in India and there is still a large scope new entrants to enter the business and make good money.

what does the customer see before checking into a restaurant?

customers based on what they want to eat choose a segmented restaurant and takes a first impression by the ambience. Most of the restaurants are marketed by word of mouth but some restaurants are driven by the brand image such as Paradise Restaurant in Hyderabad, India. Customers seek a peaceful environment in restaurants driven by lighting, background music and fragrance, polite waiting staff and finally but not the least the Menu with delicious items.

What does a customer choose to order?

Based on the necessity or want customers choose the items and most of them try to order the items which are not traditionally made at home but at the same time they want to make sure that it is worth ordering them as they would like to make a delightful evening.

How do the customers determine their satisfaction levels?

Customer satisfaction is driven by quality, quantity, ambience for the price paid and the behaviour of waiting staff. If the customer is satisfied with the overall service of the restaurant it is very likely that they would come back again. For most of the customers irrespective of the price paid the paramount is the Taste of the dish for satisfaction levels. If it fails then it is very unlikely to come back again. Because in a country like India where people prefer home food over the outside food so they would like to have a delightful outing when they choose to eat outside.

As we know there is a lot of competition in the restaurant business customer satisfaction is also driven by product presentation and the unique taste. If the taste is same or inferior to others in the business then it becomes difficult to survive in the market as there is always an alternative available.


I think restaurant business is taking a leap jump in the capital making by positioning their delicious recipes in the restaurants and attracting the customers especially in the metros.

Do you think Indians are moving towards restaurant culture???


Authored by:

Mohammed Liyaqath Ali


username: liyaqath09


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