Background music in stores.



Many of us often listen a pleasant background music in stores, but why? Does the background music in stores really affects the consumer behaviour and sales?

May be yes. There is a saying in Indian culture that “Music is the food for human soul”. Over the years numerous studies shows music playing in a store or shop can encourage customers to spend more time and money there. The research indicates that music volume, speed and genre definitely have a significant effects on how long consumer spend and the amount of money spend in the store or shop.


Although music is generally thought of an entertainment medium, it can be used to achieve the objectives to produce certain desires and attitudes of consumers in stores and shops. Background music in the store can improve store image, makes employer engaging and stimulate customer purchasing.

Music means business

music-in-advertising-how-to-be-strategic-about-your-background-music-10-638Businesses use many marketing strategies to increase their sales. Atmosphere is one of the major marketing tool. One of the best strategy is creating an atmosphere that influence the buying probability of the consumers. Playing background music in stores create the best atmosphere this can lead for the increase in sales.

According to studies and researches,

  • 90% of customers are more likely to recommend a store that plays background music and 90% of people would select a store that was playing music over one that was not playing music.
  • 81% of customers agree that playing music in a store will create better and friendly atmosphere which results in more spending and buying.
  • 76% of customers agree they feel more relaxed shopping when music is playing in a store.
  • 60% customers agree they will spend more time in a store if they hear music they like.

Ultimately all these factors make customers to spend more time and money which results in the fortunate increase in the sales.

What type of music should play in store?

As we know music is such a key factor in creating good atmosphere, it is vital that the right style of music to be played. Sometimes it may cause for the customer inconvenience if we failed to play the right music.

The best way to attract customers is to play the music that most people familiar with. The slow tempo music have significantly have the higher sales volume than any other. Playing slow tempo music can cause for the slow movement of customers in the store which encourage them to shop for more time and to buy more. Majority of the customers agree they would like to listen slow music rather than the fast music in stores.

Some customers would like to listen classical background music as it may give the illusion that the shop is expensive. Some customers do like fast tempo music. However playing a fast tempo music will help when your shop in nearing closing time and this help to push the several last customers.

Finally, selecting a background music which associates to the related brand and your store’s customer demographics would be a great idea to create a better atmosphere for the customer. The music should catch the attention of the customer.

The final verdict:

After scrutinizing all the music factors affecting consumer behaviour, it is challenging to select the type of music and it is difficult to say whether the consumer will prefer slow tempo music or fast tempo music. It all clearly depends on the individual opinions and likes.

Your take:

I would be pleased to record whether you prefer background music in stores and what type of music if you say yes? Please record your response in comments.

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Name: Bandaru Venkata Krishna Chaitanya

Student ID: 215235456

User name: vkbandar


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3 thoughts on “Background music in stores.

  1. Good topic.I’m also interested in this topic.Consumers prefer to hear music when they are shopping. It can obtained happy experiences and relax themselves as well. Different consumer groups like different music styles and the background music style should match the product positioning and style. Background music is a creative marketing strategy to increase the customers and sales.


  2. Thanks for the great blog.. It seems interesting and its true that background music affect sale and consumer behaviour as every customer has his preference of mood.


  3. It is a really interesting topics to discuss, I really like to listen the music in the store, if the music is relax I will stay for a long time to choose the things I like, and if the music is loud and speed fast, I would buy it as fast as I can. The things and experience is easier to make people have same feeling. Choose the music fit for different situation, different country is a way to make business success.


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