Are you a puppet?

You start your day with a cell phone and ends it with the same. Have you ever wondered what would be the first thing you would do if you don’t have a cell phone?  The answer would be NO, why? Because your habits have been targeted by the maker of products. There was a time when a company used to make a product to satisfy the need of the consumer but now it is creating the need among the consumers in order to accept their products.

Few significant factors play a vital role in consumer behaviour such as culture, perception, habits, behaviour, routine and these are the factors which stimulate the choice of consumer. In other words company focus on these areas to target their consumer. In the process of stimulation customer first gets a cue from the company about their new product via advertisement. Subsequently, watching these ads becomes a part of your daily routine and once your consciousness supports the product, producer wins the battle over you.

Now, the question arise, are you choosing the brand or the brand is choosing you?

And the answer of this question may lies in the following examples


McDonald’s strategy is to play with the culture, give culture to  the customer not the burger or meal.  Whenever McDonald moves to new market, it studies the behaviour of the customer in that particular market and then decide its menu accordingly .For example, In India McDonald serves vegetarian menu and the name of product has been modified such as king burger became maharaja burger.

In Japan, the name of the restaurant is adjusted for the katakana, the appropriate Japanese script for foreign words. In Japan, they call it ‘Makudonarudo’, (マクドナルド), a more appropriate and attractive sound in Japanese. The sizes of Burger and fries are much smaller than the ones in US to suit eating habits. McDonald does not localize themselves, they say we McDonalize the whole market.



Tesla emerging with a new strategy of consumer behaviour in which a company follows the perception of consumer, those consumer who are concern about the environment, who appreciates the innovation and in my opinion only a rich person can appreciate the innovation by buying the product. This target market of Tesla is wise, who does not get influence by others perception, they have their own logic which makes them more concern about the quality and features of the car rather than how cool the advertisement is or who is endorsing the brand. But again is it just their choice or they have been manipulated as a new marketing strategy tool?

akash 1



Halo effect 

Apple plays with the mind of consumers by introducing their new inventions subsequent to their superior product. For example, entering the market with a computer and after achieving the superiority in this segment they jumped into cell phone industry. By this time Apple has garnered the trust of their consumers and brought halo effect into action due to which consumers started buying their new products such as I PAD, I WATCH based on their experience with the previous product.


Conscious interference

The relation between consciousness and decision making is complicated as a consumer can think about one aspect, but simultaneously considering other aspects on the basis of stored information in conscious mind is difficult ( Dijksterhuis & Nordgren, 2006 ). Amazon targets this inability of consciousness by providing the facility to compare the prices and shop from home by using your handy smartphone. This is the new level of marketing strategy in which a company controls your consciousness and does not give you any chance of slipping from their fist.

Martin Lindstrom ,author of buyology book explains how consumer being manipulated by a strategy.

After discussing the strategy of dominator, it can be said that yes, consumers have been a puppet of the producer but the inclination of the consumers has started diverting to a self-conscious and logic in terms of perception by considering the introduction of new phenomena of market strategy by Tesla motors.

By: Pravinkumar chaudhari

username: pravin136

student id: 215050842



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2 thoughts on “Are you a puppet?

  1. Well you are right about mc donalds as the company uses different strategies in different countries plus I agree with the fact that telstra might change the future of advertisements but how? i hope you can provide a little information on that too. The video in the end shows exactly how a consumer is manipulated by the brands.
    thank you


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