APPEAL TO WOMEN.Is it working?by Harley Davidston



womenmotorcycleriderIn today’s web driven shopping platforms the believe that women love shopping more than men still applies.Both online and offline shopping experiences indicate women make more buying decisions and generally value their shopping experiences as compared to the male.Global marketers are aware that they must tailor their brands to the target consumers.

This illustrates  consumer trends and how the global companies are taking advantage of them. In the recent tough economic times some companies have resulted in focusing their marketing efforts on a particular gender so as to increase their consumer base and have a specific target market this has ensured customer satisfaction and maximization of profits for the company.

Harley Davids has always had a specific demographic mostly dominated by older white guys but since the recession hundreds of consumers sold their motor cycles thus forcing the company to strategise on how to target other demographics.(James,R,2011).  10% of the U.S.A motor cycle riders are women.The strategy shift  involved increasing their market share on  women.For a long time the company has been hosting  garage parties for women so as to teach them on the skills on riding motorcycles and more recently they have been 10000 women enrolled in a program hat offers riding instructions. In addition Harley also puts on videos on its sites to promote their products and also on targeting women.

In 2015 Harley Davidson started selling  two new motor cycles which have been described as black as cocktail dresses, the motorcycles have been reduced in size and modified in shape so as to appeal to women. Harley claims to have 62% of the market whereby 7% goes to women where they believe even if the women are not riders  they have heard of Harley.Harley has a big dominance in the market for heavy weight motorcycle but has been facing a competition from polaris. For Harley the only way to deal with he  competition would be creating   new motorcycles that appeal to women and creating marketing campaign that would advertise and reach more women.Harley have developed a marketing strategy by posting youthful photos of women riding motorcycles and also donated some bikes to high schools.In contrast to the previous marketing strategies which concentrated on the rough  and tough images of men, Harley has  planned to  incorporate this old strategy with the new strategy to attract women as well.The current trend shows Harley has sold 7 times more than the competitor to women .Harley has also started hiring younger executives who are more aware of the changing trend.


The graph below shows the market share of women for Harley Davidson compared to the competitors.

image harley davidson


The major competitors of Harley Davidson include Honda,BMW,Yamaha,Kawasaki and Suzuki.


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