Why call a geek, When you can call a professional?

Today Mobile phones have become one of the trustworthy forms of personal communication. It is difficult to find a person away or not using a mobile phone to communicate. The world has transformed to a place where we not only breathe oxygen in but we are synonymous to breathe bits of “information” every moment. Thus life’s of majority of the human beings is touched upon by the mobile phones.Mobile phones have brought down the gap of needs and desire in its segment.

In such a situation it is very difficult to be away from our near and dear smart phones or the basic phones whichever the case may be. The phones if go bad and stop working it bring anxiety and lower our level of comfort.

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Having such a large consumer base for mobile phones makes it special and creates a huge market for service providers in the country. The common problems of breaking the glass of the mobile phones brings a feeling in the minds of consumer to get it fixed at the earliest. The next step once having a faulty or broken phone is to again use up a different phone or other form of communication to connect with one of the closest service centre and book an appointment for getting the phone fixed. Scenarios may vary from person to person where an individual would not have the time to go to the service center and spend some time to submit the device and get it back on a specific day or the same day as the case would be.

Consumer Perception

Consumer perception about a faulty phone is to get a new replacement bringing the useful life cycle of the device down. The manufactures are now giving more importance to the features compared to the durability of the devices.

Gaining the customers confidence is difficult as the required trust builds slowly which will allow the user to submit the phones when defect arises which might contain personal data. The recent trends which allows the schedule a pickup of the smart phones at a specified location has been a boon to the customers who would not like to go to a service centre and get the repair done. Today various online websites allows customer to get an approximate quote of the repairs without physically visiting the store. The customers can save the time of commuting by scheduling a pickup facility of their smartphones and once the device is repaired a drop facility by the existing mobile repair company.
The Service Industry contains huge potential to capture the users who are time conscious and would like to get the service done at their preferred location. This industry is still developing to provide the highest standard of mobile repairing at the shortest possible duration.  The onsite service would be a great platform for the smart generation today. Pricing and the quality which can be very competitive will decide the way forward for the companies.

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Some of the existing companies such as https://aussiemobilephonerepairs.com.au/helps the customer to attain the peace of mind once the Smartphone device stops working.

Reinventing the Sales Service for Customer Delight

With the phone industry consistently reviving itself with the great amount of innovation and technology , it is time to revive the way we look at the after sales service part of the mobile phones which will help the generation to be in sync with the latest development around the globe.

The Brand for a mobile service industry for the mobile is yet to be built and provides immense potential to the companies to work in this area.



By: Sumanth Chilukuri (215182698)


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This startup plans to be the Flipkart of the repair industry

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