Shortcut to lean physique- Consumer psychology

People always quote that “health is wealth” but in today’s world, it’s changing into how much wealth one is willing to spend to be healthy and fit. Almost every person in this world wants to live a healthy lifestyle, but the issue is to achieve that goal a hard work and discipline is required. One of the biggest reasons behind this growing mindset of having great a physique is the entertainment industry where People always see their favourite personalities regarding fitness and admire their physical appearances. People are willing to spend lots of money when it comes to health, which is really good actually, but the question is with this money are they also willing to put a hard work required to achieve that goal of being fit and unfortunately the answer is no not everyone. So there are two major groups of people who are buying this stuff. First one is a group of highly dedicated people who are spending money to achieve their goals and buying these products wisely. The other one who is also spending money on a regular basis, but they are missing one trick that all these products are the tools and should be used properly and just possession of everything not going to help. So let us discuss the psychology of both of these groups separately.

Fitness freaks:

Now a day’s fitness is like a trend. There are number of workout programs and strict diet plans people are following just to be fit. All this reflects the seriousness of people towards their fitness. This group of people are highly goal oriented and they know what they are buying and how to use it properly. They are always open to learn, but also very careful about the source of knowledge as well. It is almost impossible to impress them just through the TV ads or any other kind of publicity because of their knowledge and the time they have spent to understand these products. For example, they know that supplements like protein will only help them get a good physique when they are working out on a regular basis. So their theory is very simple and following figure explains it very well.


So called ‘Fitness follower’s’:

We see so many TV ads having eye-catching pictures or videos with a tag of “before and after”. This tag is working too, but especially for the companies selling fitness related products or exercise equipment. They have contracts with fitness models who are showing off their physique and with some made-up story about products that how it helped them to achieve their goals. Here come our second group who are highly inspired with these fitness models, actors or athletes. People who are not willing to workout, but wants to get a good body just by sitting on their couch and eating something full of calories feel so relieved when they watch some supermodel is saying that you can look like him or her just by using products and they also intentionally mention that you don’t have to spend hours at the gym or you don’t have to avoid the food you like to eat. What you have to do is, just buy our scientifically designed product and you will get your results in a very limited time and after that they provide information about their site and how to buy their products. There is also a possibility that they will say it’s a limited offer. After watching this entire ad or reading some advertisement in some paper people who were looking for something which could help them to be in good shape and they don’t have to quit eating or don’t have to go to workout and just have go to that particular site and buy that product. These companies have understood their customer’s psychology and they know how they will react to their advertisements. In the following YouTube video the expert( explained one of the supplements very well and one will get idea when these kind of product are useful.


In the end, I would say fitness is not just a fad, but much more than that and as a consumer one should hand over his or her health to someone specialist who can create a roadmap instead of just wasting money on useless products.


References: 2016. (online video)



One thought on “Shortcut to lean physique- Consumer psychology

  1. Absolutely right many companies know exactly what consumer want and mold their advertisement in such a way many of educated people follow their directions.But what you think ,scientifically designed product is just a waste of time or you can get benefit but for limited time.


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