MYZONE® + Fitness Club= Behaviour Conditioning At Its Best?

Wearable fitness tracking devices are the new workout essential. 

Growing 6 times faster than the Smartphone boom, MYZONE links with fitness clubs to leverage this digital movement. Helping operators engage their members, increasing retention to extract more Lifetime Value (LTV).


What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is an effort tracking system with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

A chest strap monitors heart rate, calories and time-exercised and converts this information into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs). Data can be wirelessly streamed to a smart phone app or via the fitness clubs visual Live Effort Stream (LES) during exercise providing users instant effort intensity feedback.

Inside the fitness club,
screens are strategically placed ensuring the Live Effort Stream (LES) is easily viewable during exercise. Vibrant and identifiable
colours are matched to each effort zone making the association quick to recognise intensity level.

MYZONE, Behaviour Conditioning and Retention

Behavioural Conditioning  emphasises stimuli and response, two examples are so fundamental and wide-spread that it’s no wonder MyZone tapped into them!

Operant Conditioning is a process that attempts to modify behaviour through the use of reinforcement. B.F Skinner used pigeons to demonstrate this by applying reinforcement (reward) after a desired behaviour.

Desired behavioural outcome = Pigeon turn in full circle to the right.

  1. Desired behaviour = Movement to the right.
  2. Reward = Food.
  3. Each movement to the right is rewarded with food.
  4. Rewarding the birds movements to the right was repeated overtime until the pigeon turned full circle.

MYZONE attempts this with the use of its’ MEP reward system. 

Desired behavioural outcome = Increased frequency of exercising

  1. Desired behaviour = Exercise
  2. Reward = MEP’s
  3. The more times the member completes a workout = More MEP’s
  4. Rewarding the user with accumulation of MEP’s for exercising will increase frequency of exercising.

As people tend to repeat behaviours that are rewarding in some way, members are likely to increase the frequency of exercising to get more MEP’s.

Is this sustainable?

Skinner also discovered in his research that pigeons were more likely to complete the desired behaviour when the reward was delivered through variable ratio’s (reward delivered at random) rather than on a fixed ratio (reward delivered routinely).

MYZONE’s take on variability is the MYZONE Challenges feature. Managers/trainers/users can introduce personal or group challenges, providing a change to the norm. Maybe MYZONE could look at double reward points at random too?  The unpredictability of the variability may drive the user.

Is MYZONE also attempting to modify the user’s behaviour  by means of Classical Conditioning?

Classical Conditioning involves pairing a SIGNAL (neutral stimulus) with a REFLEX (unconditioned stimulus). Over time, the signal elicits the same response as the reflex.

Ivan Pavlov used a dog’s salivation response to food (reflex) paired to the ringing of a bell (signal). Over time, the food was taken away and the sound of the bell alone elicited salivation.

Applying Classical Conditioning to MYZONE.

The LES Screens can be placed behind an instructor in group fitness classes, on personal screens etc –  The more exposure to the user inside your club, the better… why?

MYZONE Live Effort Stream (LES) = SIGNAL

Increase of serotonin response to Exercise or ‘Happy Feeling’ = REFLEX

  1. Happy Feeling
  2. MYZONE LES elicits neutral response
  3. Workout + LES  = Happy Feeling
  4. Over time LES = Happy Feeling

For the user to experience the same level of exposure out-with the facility this would mean exercising in front of a computer screen, or watching an iPhone whilst running etc. So the association of the LES in the club to the ‘Happy Feeling’ will be stronger.


Through Operant Conditioning MYZONE could increase membership retention, increasing frequency of exercising in general through heightened engagement from users due to the rewards system (MEP’s).

Classical conditioning would be the link to getting the user into your club.  Visual prompts of the brand (subsequent emails/app) will be associated with the LES Screens in your fitness club linked to a Happy Feeling from exercising in front of the LES screens at your club.

What other ways could Behavioural Conditioning be at work here?

By: Nina Bendon (216173692)


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