Mc Donald’s against rest of the world



MC Donald’s managed to hold up its consumer base in spite of heavy competition.

Several factors influencing a consumer to choose his/her fast food outlet:

  • Taste
  • Convenience
  • Value for money
  • Customer service
  • Affordability
  • Distance
  • Nutrition

After going through various studies, researches, questionnaires

I have identified few factors influencing consumers to choose MC Donald’s over other fast food joints

On an average scale MC Donald’s meals are cheaper compared to its competitors, a meal for $5 is affordable, but according to the research the most affordable fast food joint will be tacobell, but MC Donald’s served the best prices for so long that it got into the consumer’s head as the most affordable place.


Guillermo Fleitas (arrtist)


Convenience talks about the location, time, availability and completion of the objective with minimal/no effort.

21st century where time is money, everyone is busy with their personal/ professional work sometimes don’t have enough time to cook their meals, fast food serves as the best option for these kind of people.

Location is one the major factors, as the name suggests, food that is prepared in less time, people who have less time for their meal breaks tend to have a quick bite helping them to save time, and satisfy their hunger, so the location should be relatively closer to the workplace/place of residence, so is the MC Donald’s on every corner.

Availability is one of the factor, people are working on various day/night shifts, many places follow the conventional rule of closing down in the nights but MC Donald’s is made 24×7 to meets consumers needs.



Customer Service:

Cleanliness, hygiene, feedback, Home-delivery, Drive through restaurants, Communication.

These factors are followed by all fast food chains, what makes MC Donald’s stand out of the crowd is its cleanliness, all the MC Donald outlets are maintained clean with an open kitchen where any consumer can walk into the kitchen with the in charge, building the trust over hygiene.

In 1975 MC Donald’s realized the need for a drive in and started it, this facility is available in most of the outlets.

MC Donald’s is the first company to print warning labels on a hot coffee indicating coffee can cause burns (After a Woman filed and won lawsuit against them for not warning the coffee is so hot that she suffered 3rd degree burns) MC Donald’s learnt from its mistakes and have been improving their customer service on a regular basis.


McDonald's Reports Second Quarter Earnings and Record Sales Reflecting Revitalization Progress

Food Quality & Taste:

Everyone wants to have a delicious yet hygienic food made of the finest ingredients, the purpose of going to a restaurant other than time and money constraints is to have some quality good tasting food which cannot be prepared by an average person at home without experience and training in their culinary skills. MC Donald’s keeps its recipe a secret and most of the ingredients are to known to the public. MC Donald’s fries are considered to be the best tasting ones in the market which drives most of the fries craving consumers to their places, MC Donald’s constantly innovates its food according to environment for instance Asian countries like India, Pakistan prefer have their meals Spicier so the menu and the taste was greatly modified to meet the needs of the local consumers.


Social and cultural factors:

Pork and beef isn’t available on the Indian version of MC Donald’s as majority of the Indian population consider cow to be holy, and Muslims consider pork to be haram, these are the points that MC Donald’s duly noticed and implemented making them a very successful Multinational fast food Joint.

Halal standards, it is a religious process (followed by Muslims) of slaughtering food for meat this process is followed by MC Donald’s in Arab nations and Muslim prominent regions.

Constant innovation and quick adaptation to environment around makes MC Donald’s grow strong day by day and making it $92.5 Billion company



by: Anuroop Kacham   (215229397)


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3 thoughts on “Mc Donald’s against rest of the world

  1. Food quality is also so good in McDonald as compared to all other fast food. Because of their marketing strategy and quality,they retain their brand value.


  2. Affordability followed by consistency in taste, 24 hours customer service, Understanding the differing taste and needs of the consumers on the basis of their cultural beliefs, as well as, coming back with a powerful appeal to the audience, despite of the law suit against them.
    Basically, learning from their mistakes and making it as their strength is what McDonalds have always been doing due to which it is at a consistent position for years.


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