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From the childhood, it’s the universal dream that to own a bike isn’t it? Whenever we hear the exhaust sound, the following minute which strikes is still how many years is more to own mine. Later on as we grow and move on our dream from just a bike is moved to own a bike which ought to be one of a kind, which impose our image in the society.

Pre, Post and Purchase

That’s why it was said like, the consumer or individual behavior is dynamic. It’s damn true, do you know why? For just to buy any day by day products like toothpaste, we think twice which one should we buy. In Australia 111,599 ATV’s (All-terrain vehicle), motorcycles were sold in 2014.According to the consumer behavior, there are 3 level of process,

Ride the Street!!!!

In the past motorcycle was just utilized as a mode of transport, but today it is taken as one of their lifestyle. Harley Davidson, is a well-known American. In the today’s oath, an expanding number of individuals are riding cruisers for entertainment, delight and for driving. Moreover, bikes have awesome ecological focal points over cars.


As the time changes, consumer behavior also changes like from single and parallel Twin engine to V2 engine, low ground clearance, furious sound from the mufflers, from just good looking bike to beast beauty all the taste varies with respect to the age which is called as socio-cultural contrasts.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and best known for its V-Twin powered cruiser. In-spite of all the rivals and competitors, they with stand the market because of their vintage classic design which attracted many customers.

Knows how to play

Harley Davidson, knows that there is a separate market for those heavy vintage style , that’s why they does not have any light weight bike as Ducati or like BMW have. In 2014 Australian scales report Harley Davidson took the 2nd place making 19.3% scales in road bike.


harley davidson logo 12

They also focus on sports bike as each customers has their one of a kind taste and reason. They Use media, web, mail to introduce their products to pick up fascination among their rivals. They have customer care for any criticism and follow-up to pick up trust and faithfulness. Celebrity endorsements are inherently unstable, but are unmistakably gainful. They concentrate mainly on sports person, that’s why they has Michael Hooper and AFL star, Travis Cloke, Caroline Buchanan is an Australian cyclist etc. They are still dominating the market because, they understand the trend and consumer’s needs. To verdict that, Harley-Davidson India commenced operations in August 2009 which changed the trend in Indian auto mobile industry. In order to make good customer service, they have 13 dealership across the country.


Research has shown that judging the consumer behavior is very hard, even for experts. That’s why even though everything they have got, still they want some uniqueness in their beast. Since that was understood by the Harley Davidson motors, they are the No.1 in the Custom Street motorcycles with a distinctive potato-potato-potato exhaust note.



According to the Broniarczyk and Griffin, 2014 there are many option and factors influencing the consumers which makes them difficult to choose. The utilization and use of time is inseparably connected to buyer behavior. It has even been proposed that time might be the most vital variable in purchaser behavior (Nicosia and Mayer 1976).


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  1. Absolute Right Harley Davidson itself is a life style brand.This brand give a sense of freedom. Consumer feel proud to become a customer of Harley Davidson.They always portray new themes which catch the feelings of customer because we know that people buy feelings, not things.But one thing how time could matter in selection and now there are so many ways to choose product and brand.


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