Consumer Seeks Himself (in Brand)

Mostly companies talk about atmosphere, competitors, cultures but they ignore most important factor “feelings”.

Consumer always tries to express their lifestyle and self-identity through their behavior. They select those products and brands which expresses their self-image to others. Consumer decision based on their identity and lifestyle preferences. Now the question is  whether consumer lifestyle or personality can be changed? Fashion infested lifestyle is a need or we are adopting a cult psychology? In this fast paced environment, there are so many quality products available in market which are making difficult for customers in selection.


Lifestyle is a patterned mode of living of an individual in a society it could be their habits, tastes and moral values. Consumers are always buying a product which fits into their life. In other words, consumers are always buying a style of life. Now companies realized these perceptions and targeting consumer according to their perception.

In ancient society, people had a well-established place in society which they got from their birth by their family status & wealth. At that time people have no other way to judge person’s life. But in modern era, people perceive other by their possessions and lifestyle. That’s why people express their self-image by selecting different brands or products.

Many people have different cars but customer of Rolls Royce shows convenience and status. Consumer who likes adventure and thrilling in their life they are selecting brands like red bull, mountain dew and Harley Davidson. It means every consumer have their own living style and personality.



Brand is a feeling that customer purchases.

No doubt product quality and marketing tactics matters in selling product but what really matters inner feelings and identity. We are all different but we have some common fundamentals needs like love, variety, significance and contribution that determine how we feel about ourselves and others, how we experience life and the behavior which played an important role in meeting our needs.

Individual purchases products because of feelings they give to them. Customers are not interested in what you manufacture but they are more concern with feelings that encourage you to make these products.

Lifestyle brand

Brands worked on an idea that each individual has an identity based on their choices, values and attitude. Lifestyle brands through their products developing strong emotional connect with customer. Consumer thinks that if they associate with this brand they can express their personality, identity and status in a society. They encourage individual to portray their identity and lifestyle. (Keller 2008).

Some brands start out as a symbol of a specific lifestyle and then what happened loyal customers who follow and make them not just a symbol of lifestyle but evolves them into comprehensive lifestyle brand. It becomes a relationship brand because they are so closely tied to consumer lives and feelings. We can see such kind of behavior in Harley Davidson, Apple, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley.








Consumer pattern is changing now. They are not choosing brands which is expensive, cheap and the best. They are choosing brands which they think have the right meaning. This feeling is adopted by consumer to develop on others who they are. Brands have a meaning which is used by consumer to define their self-image.

Harley Davidson brand evokes freedom and sense of energy among consumer in their life. Apple gives their customer dignity and comfort in using their product. By different apps and stores, they care of their customer that’s why people feel proud to become a customer of this brand.







It means consumer seeks himself in brand. Is there any brand in your home which you think gives you any kind of feelings, self-identity or helps you in presenting yourself to others?


By : Muhammad Haider Tufail Paracha



Keller, K, L 2008, ‘Strategic brand management: Building, measuring and managing brand equity’, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Cătălin, M, C, Andreea, P 2014, ‘Brands as a mean of consumer self-expression and desired personal lifestyle’, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 109, pp. 103–107.DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2013.12.427





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