Android vs iOS- The battle continues


It is a common question of our time: “Which smartphone do you use?”

Smartphones are everywhere. From school kids to the elderly, everyone needs one. Because of smartphones people are getting more connected with each other.

But for every one of us who wants to buy a new smartphone, have a common question: “Which one should I buy, a device powered by Android or should I go for IOS?”

For those who don’t know what iOS is, iOS is the name of Apple’s proprietary mobile Operating System that it uses on its iPhone and android is a Google owned open source operating system which runs on a variety of devices manufactured by different manufacturers.

Android is the most popular and most used operating system in the world while iOS is the most trusted OS which has a highest number of loyal customers. (Life Hacker, 2014).

Factors that affect consumer behavior choosing Android over iOS:


The biggest factor due to which consumers prefer android is its price point. Android offers devices from low end cost with great specs to high end premium smartphones with a wide range of choice. Giving the freedom to choose from, makes cosumers buy it. Apple, on other hand usually produces high end premium smartphones, with a little choice to select from. Even though in the recent years Apple is trying to target the low end market as well, but still their low end smartphones correspond to mid-range handsets of android.

Customization is also a big factor for consumers preferring android over Apple. Android, being an open source system, allows users to customize their phones the way they like, to get the colors they like on their screens, which also increases the ease of use and satisfaction for getting the things one like. Customization gives consumers a variety of choices to select from.Apple on other hand does not allow customising its UI. Except from changing the background, it does not allow any customization.

Better app integration to Google services is also a deciding factor for customers. Being a Google company, android provides better in app integration to Google services.

Latest technology also attracts consumers to android. Android smartphones always have the latest technology in the industry. Android handsets have more powerful processor and RAM compare to iPhone, which still uses the dual core architecture. Users always want to get the latest in their phones, thus attracting them to android.

Storage is another major feature which allows android to win the race. Some android phones offers high internal storage along with expandable storage and hence you have a choice and you don’t stick to just the default storage. Apple on the other hand does not offer option to increase storage of iPhone.

Last but not least, File Sharing. Apple is still conservative regarding file and document sharing from iPhone. Android allows seamless sharing of files and folders between android and other devices, wirelessly via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct, NFC and also via physical connectivity as it allows access to its storage.

Even though these factors appear to be legit, Apple also has high and loyal customer base which still poses a good competition to android. iPhone, when launched gets sold out very quickly and in fact in recent years it has broken all records of fast sale on launch. In fact Apple iPhone 6s is the fastest selling device in the world (Engadget, 2015). So why exactly then people still buy Apple’s i-Phone over android? And why is that iPhone is always a dream phone for many consumers?

Factors that still attracts consumers to iPhone:


Better build quality is the key thing attracting people to iPhone. The overall design and build quality of iPhone is superior to that of android phones, even though in recent years some phones based on android such as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge is pretty decent but still can’t match the quality of Apple iPhone. Apple the latest manufacturing technique in the market. Also it uses best quality of materials to build an iPhone. The overall design and build quality of iPhone feels Premium and astonishing. Apple has conditioned consumer behaviour in such a way that consumers feel that there no other brand that can match the quality of Apple.

Brand value:  According to Interbrand’s annual “Best Brands” ranking Apple is worth an extraordinary $170 bn. This places it far ahead of Google ($120 bn) and Coca-Cola ($78 bn) (as of 1 Jan 2015). This has a huge impact on consumer’s decision making ability. For obvious reasons consumer will follow brand with higher brand value.

Better App Ecosystem is what Apple’s iOS gives. The quality of apps on App Store is far better than those in Google Play store. Also the apps in iOS tend to work flawlessly than those downloaded from Play Store. Also developers tend to release apps first for iOS devices, thus allowing iOS users to remain ahead in trend. The overall app experience in iOS is so premium because Apple closely monitors the apps before being published on the App Store, also it makes sure that the apps published to the App Store are of best quality and provides the best performance without putting any significant effect on hardware and data consumption.

Ease of Use: Consumers tend to prefer iOS for its ease of use. The UI on iOS is designed in such a way that person of any age no matter of his/her ability to learn new UI can easily use iOS.

Reliability: Apple has always been reliable for any issues that generate in iPhone. It has end to end control over the iOS allowing it to resolve any issues faced by the consumers.

Security: iOS provides best possible security available to its users. Apple sticks to its strict privacy principles that does not allow any breach in privacy of its devices. Recently Apple has been criticized for not helping the FBI to hack into iPhone of a terrorist. Some of the tech companies have supported Apple in providing such a level of security for the privacy of its users. This has a very positive impact on consumers looking for security.

The Final Verdict

After scrutinizing all the factors affecting consumer behavior, it is difficult to say whether Android or iOS is better. It all depends on people. Different consumers have different views and that’s the reason why the competition still remains as in which one is preferred. We leave this decision to you what you prefer as a consumer?

Your take:

I would be pleased to record your preference as in which one will you prefer, Android or iOS? Please record your response in comments.

Authored by:-
Name: Dr. Mihir Brahme
Student id: 215044335

WordPress username: mbrahme

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