Domino’s pizza is one of the best pizzas ever which never changes its recipe. It became the happiness of the buyers. Today wherever in world you go, you get domino’s pizza. Now it is one of the world’s favorite foods.

Many of the magazines in recent times complimented the group by quoting different lines, some of them are –

“Domino’s – satisfaction based pricing”

“Happiness is having a warm Domino’s pizza on the lap”

“Are you hungry? Then you get a quick pizza as long as Domino’s delivers”

In this busy world all the consumers wants a tasty food within less time and for a reasonable cost. The trend has just changed in consuming pizza in different ways as in earlier days people used to have pizzas only in weekend due to pricing, health issues, reason it’s a junk food and lack of proper promotions.

But now the scenario has been changed completely and Domino’s made it permanent.

In market segmentation process, this company purely targeted the young age group that is from 14-25 years age group which is the most important segment for any corporate company.

This segmented group can create new trends in the market with their tastes and preferences. A consumer behavior is categorized in three ways that is pre purchase, purchase and post purchase. In this process the Domino’s group made all sought of efforts and provided maximum satisfaction to the customers. A consumer behavior depends on tastes & preferences, age and income.

Domino’s marketing strategies can be related to many of the consumer behavior theories and some of them are –

4p’s of marketing:

  • Product– Domino’s became the other name of pizza. Many people, if you ask them about pizza they will ask Is it from Domino’s? It created such impact in the people with its product. Always young age people easily react and love to encourage new type of junk foods which comes in the market. In this manner, in 2011 Domino’s launched artisan style of pizzas which offer rich flavors to compliment chef inspired toppings. Also the crust which comes from making good dough was started from 2011which increased its sale to 233% which is a drastic change.

pizza photo

  • Price– This is the most important factor for any company to get appreciation from the customers. If price of the good decreases then the demand increases, in this law Domino’s got succeed in whole world. The price of the pizza was fixed according to the country and its people living standards.

pizza price

  • Promotion– In promotion process Domino’s efforts are unmatchable and unique. On whole 70% of the Domino’s success is its promotion. The promotions were planned systematically out of the competition. One of its advertisement in India made all the generations to taste pizza, that is

                                   Delivery in 30 minutes or less or take it for free!!!!!! GUARANTEED

pizza delivery

One of the unique and craziest promotions in Brazil was if you buy a pizza you will get a DVD of recent movies and the top of the CD was decorated with thermal ink. After watching the movie if you eject the DVD from player you can see the domino’s pizza on the CD which is formed by the heat of the player when it is running.

  • Place– Domino’s is served worldwide and having more than 10000 franchised stores. In many countries in all metropolitan cities and suburbs, there will be a Domino’s store in a convenient place. When the demand for junk food rose all over the world, this company started international expansion. In this way many people came to know about domino’s.

pizza place

Nowadays many people started exploring money by giving parties or spending on good foods. In this manner offering domino’s pizza became a good choice as they provide birthday offers that is combo packs. In this way the company attracted many consumers and provided services which satisfied all the purchasing levels of the consumers.

By: Sarath Sanka (215182704)


Shimizu, Koichi(1989) “Advertising Theory and Strategies,” (Japanese) first edition, Souseisha Book Company in Tokyo. (ISBN 4-7944-2030-7) pp.63-102.

Borden, N.H. (1964) The Concept of the Marketing Mix, Journal of Advertising Research, 4 (June), 2–7.


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