Curated Dining – A Disruption in the Food Services

The new innovation in the area of food and eating is “curated dining”. The term curating refers to the variety of offerings in terms of brands, flavors, etc., where the customer get to pre-select a customized combination of products and features. The notion of collections of things being “curated” seems to be really trendy these days. Beyond the traditional notion of a curated collection at a museum, bands are “curating” music festivals and restaurants are curating meals.

These curated meals offers variety along with cost effectiveness to the consumers. The customer gets to experience the services of a five star restaurant’s meal at their home’s comfort. They can enjoy the taste of a chef’s cooking in a fraction of price with this innovative service.

There are a lot of creative ways coming up to offer these services. Some of the examples are as below:

Chef’s Plate

It offers Chef-Designed Meals for Quality Convenience. An executive chef is on board to ensure quality for the people who subscribe this meal service. Jason Rosso of Milestones Canada offers such service. The ready-to-cook ingredients are shipped which saves time and also ensures that the customers are able to eat healthy as well.

chef's plate


Dinner Party Services

There are restaurants that offer you to book a dinner party at your home with a chef of your choice. These meal services are focused on customers who plan to have small dinner parties at their home with their friends or a small group of people. It offers a great combination of restaurant-quality meal and the comfort of one’s own home. This can be highly beneficial for people who intend to have small “corporate get together” or invite their clients at home. The idea is to have a marketplace where one can find a list of qualified chefs who are specialist in different type of cuisines.

Some of these marketplaces offer additional services such as meal preparation, private cooking lessons and large event catering. They also incorporate online features where the customer has the facility to explore menus and chat freely with all the chefs of their choice. This allows the customer to ensure that his/her plan is executed in the planned manner and he/she gets what they desire.

SMS Lunch Services

Some innovative service providers have also come up with the text message service. These service providers have tie-up with local restaurants. They ensure that these restaurants are inclusive in providing all kind of food to satisfy meat-eaters as well as vegetarians. The service is designed such that the subscribers or targeted customers get a list of offerings or say the menu in text message a couple of hours before the meal time. The customer has the option to choose the item by replying the relevant index number. For example, if the message has bread and butter as their second option for breakfast, then the customer can simply reply B to the message sender to book his order.

 Personal Chef Apps

A much more customized service and better-fit for customer is the Personal Chef App. This app allows the customer to choose a chef of his own choice via a mobile app. The chef will visit the customers’ house and prepare the meal of their choice. It suits customers of various budget segments. However it is normally expensive. Such services are quite popular in China.



These services have proved to be very helpful for working professionals and urban people leaving a very busy life who are tired of eating outside food and desire to get some fresh food at their own place.


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