Apple : A Mind-Blowing Success On The Mind of Consumers.

Newer Technology ~ User-Friendly ~ More Efficient Output

Holding an Apple smartphone does it give a sense of personal pride and self-satisfaction?


Research reveals the continuing success of Apple’s smartphone industry. Not Surprising ! Some people attribute this to the dynamic approach used by its marketers, to market its innovative technologies. Fully aware of fierce competition from the repertoire of brands (Samsung, HTC, LG & Lenovo), coupled withngrvanguard.com_  Apple being a high  involvement purchase, marketers must have experimented the right strategies to retain a continuous flow of consumers not only for high sense of satisfaction for repeated purchasing, but also for recommending to others (Odell & Patricia 2015).

Apple: A High Involvement Purchase

Consumer reactions to high involvement purchases are deliberative and conscious. Following any high involvement purchase, consumers generally reach excellent level of personal satisfaction, positive feeling and familiarity for the desired product. This is also supplemented by the desire to repurchase and maintain brand loyalty. This type of behavior is supported by findings such as – that 78 percent of Apple iPhone users could not imagine themselves having a different type of phone (Kelly 2014).

What causes such positive reactions from consumers, and why is it so important in relation to consumer behavior?
Marketers have probably researched on
psychological factors (such as thoughts, feelings) and personal (self-concept, personality, lifestyle), as well as sociological parameters (age, occupation, status) that influence the consumer mindset in its purchase decision-making process and behavior towards the product (Isen & Alice 2001).




Quick guess indicates that consideration is given to market indicators, such as segmentation, targeting and positioning without ignoring the end stage of the market framework – namely the 4Ps. Marketers must have probably studied the consumer’s purchase framework. The latter evolves from the dynamic mindset, which grows and changes according to the intensity of desire, self evaluation of the product based on repeated purchase, and sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Apple And Its Brand Associations 

Apple – What comes in mind when one hears the name or sees its advertisements?

Studies reveal that one generally stores brand personality associations in the memory; and accede to them when making purchasing decisions (Heere & Bob 2010). Apple’s commercials tend to emphasize competence, sincerity and sophistication. The playful music displayed in the advertisements, calls to mind a sense of  wonder and quirkiness; while frequent celebrity cameos state that the phone is a favorite of higher-class individuals.

What is the best part of marketing is that – marketers have the ability to prepare consumers psychologically for changes in their product over time, without affecting their level of satisfaction and loyalty to the brand. This real world strategy and consumer management is driving Apple as a brand to stay as a top global business competitor (Homewood 2015). In comparison, it’s nearest competitor, Samsung due to lack of innovation, copied its designs and faced severe lawsuit.

The Current Big Market For Apple : CHINA 

Apples’ retail presentation seems to be working its magic more in China, better than in the US . 


Yet-Different cultures? Different lifestyles? Different mindsets? And yet the product staying in high demand in China. What’s the secret behind this great success? And all this is just the beginning as stated in the news (Panzarino 2015).

Apple’s retail stores offer Chinese consumers the chance to touch and test the products in a visually stimulating and beautiful  atmosphere; and  these efforts are paying off with huge sale numbers. Their inner feeling is the desire to  have a positive self-image/personality, and to project it to the wealthy and young that seeks for high end products such as Apple as an object of desire (Lingling, Aksel & Xuesong 2015).

TRUE OR FALSE? Apple smartphones spreading globally as an object of desire, and as status symbol !

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Natasha Gunness, ID : 215340819

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