How to serve the King and the Queen ?


” Men buy, women shop”

Men and women seem to be two completely different worlds, they do not have the same perception, arguments, intentions and deeds. Therefore, shopping habits of both sexes have separated characteristics.


Women enjoys window shopping 

For most women, shopping is walking along the main streets or shopping centers with many clothing stores which have many outfits and eye-catching accessories. They prefer to take the elevator with transparent glass, try a new perfume smell or a new lipstick color. In short,  they want to walk a round and then shopping later.

But shopping is “an obligation” to the men, they usually just go to the store to buy things in the pre-existent list. And after receiving the goods, they will “escape” from the store quickly.


Men usually shopping with a list

Different needs of the King and Queen

Women tend to react strongly to the personal interactions related to sales activities. Hence, for women,  the hardest part  about shopping is “do not get help when needed.” It is also the main reason that stores lose female clients. If the staff of a shop or tools on online sales sites do not support the right time, the right way, they will lose visitors.

 Meanwhile, the men usually just frustrating when “hard to find parking spaces near the door of the shop.”

Besides, female customers easy spend money for many items as long as they catch their eyes, but male customers only want to buy what they really need. So, the reason that stores lose male guests because they have not enough storage.

Moreover, male and female guests react differently to support procurement. Men only need help them find the items they want, and can pay promptly. But women often want salespeople advise which one is better, which one is most suitable. Women also preferred staff treat her like a queen. In a survey, the question is “what will make you never walked into that store again,” the woman replied:” When sellers have unpleasant attitude, like the customers disturbing their chats and wasting their time.” The man answered, “When sellers lazy, they do not want to check if the item is not or in stock, or help locate the item.”

Therefore, if retail businesses capture customer psychological differences between men and women, and have appropriate behavior to satisfy both sexes, sales will grow rapidly.

Lessons for retail business

The first thing is retail businesses must ensure their business operations in a properly way. It means they have to reserve enough goods and advertising information for visitors, regardless of gender. Next, they should think about attracting female customers by communicating skillfully attitude of the salesperson.

Besides, they must pay attention to categorize and sorting goods. And finally, in order to serve both men and women clients, companies should hire female employees for almost positions, from sales to marketing, from employees to management.


Women comprise the majority of employees in retail industry

According to scientific explanation, women “gathered” and men “hunted”. Therefore, when shopping, women will check around the shop, while men are aimed directly at their favorite spots and buy exactly what they need. Women and men also walk into the store to buy what they want, but only the women glanced around to see what is new, strange and beautiful. As a result women often buy more than what they need.


Women spend more money for shopping than they expected 

The survey also shows that salesperson plays an important role for the success of enterprise because they will direct dialogue with customers. Good staff will make the difference between a company with industry rivals, which is in the same product distribution (or producing similar products). Moreover, if the area is too small parking lot or too wide, it is difficult to change, but the selection and training of the staff is at hand.

Cross Training Your Employees.jpg

Training of employees is crucial for organizational development and success.


Knowledge Wharton. 2007. ‘Men Buy, Women Shop’: The Sexes Have Different Priorities When Walking Down the Aisles. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 28 March 16].


One thought on “How to serve the King and the Queen ?

  1. You talk about different shopping patterns between men and women. But these patterns/ behaviours are changing and men are spending more time on shopping. Cosmetics products of men are showing higher growth rate in china than that of women.


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